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  1. If anyone wants to check out Kim Mitchell's guitar work, listen to



    "Oh War" from the High Class and Borrowed Shoes album




    "Beyond the Moon" from the Mutiny Up My Sleeve album.


    This stuff will freak you out, I promise.


    While you've got the "mutiny" album going, listen to "The Party" too.


    Cat's in the bag, neighbours holler,

    This party's higher than the EIFFEL TOWER!

  2. Back in the late 70s and into '80 and '81, Max Webster used to tour with Rush quite a lot. GREAT band! Nothing like Rush, but hard rock and progressive, melodic, whatever you want to call it... (funny too.) But, they broke up in '82 I believe.


    Anyway, the front man, Kim Mitchell, went on to his own succesful solo career selling three platinum albums up here in Canada (or as they sometimes say in Arkansas, "Canadia") and he still plays about 20 shows a year.


    Do any of you from the USA or other countries remember this band, or do you still listen to them? They were HUGE up here, selling out 15,000 arenas (headlining) but they had a tough time cracking the US and European markets.


    If you haven't listened to "Max" I suggest you give them a go... unreal band. Kim Mitchell is probably the only Canadian guitar player that is considered by some to be even better than Alex Lifeson. He can really go...

  3. Holy Effen Eff... Transparent Green (Quite the handle!) sounds like you could take over for Mr. Geranois if he even needs a week off... either that or you're a killer keyboardist!


    I was living in Toronto and slugging out in the bars at the same times as Geddy's newer and "bigger" keyboards were coming out and that's all you ever heard about. I used to play in a band that covered some YES material and our keyboard player had stacks of keys, sort of like what Wakeman used to have. He used to say, "But, it's not as cool as Geddy's though."


    Me? I just hit things with sticks.

  4. I am probably the least "techie" person on this site. Believe me, I doubt that Bill Gates is concerened about me cutting in on his business. But, I did do some "surfing" yesterday with leads from this site and I was stunned at how many boot-leg recordings there are out there, both audio and video. I thought there'd be a few but holy sh**, there are hundreds going back to 1974.


    Many of you probably already know about all this, but since I don't do a lot with computers (compared to most people these days) I just had no idea. I listened to a few samples and wow - there are some VERY good recordings on the net. So, my favourite, the 1980, St. Louis, Keil Auditorium recording, might have some newly found competition.


    Question - Again, I'm not exactly "up" on the ins and outs or wrongs and rights of the internet, so - is it not illegal for us to buy or even possess such recordings? I'd LOVE to get my greasy little hands on some of this stuff, but I'm not sure how and whether or not I'd be breaking the law. I'm also not in favour of artists not getting paid for work their do, or in simple terms, getting ripped off.


    Can anyone help a "non-techie" guy from the woods of northern Canada?





  5. I'm wondering if Neil will go back to the sampled big band section in the end part of his solo this time around. I think it's a great solo, easily one of the best, but he has been doing that big band piece (although a little differently each tour) for quite a while now.


    I'm sure most people on this forum are aware that Neil triggers everything himself... he's not playing along to recorded music, in other words. Nor, does Gump, his drum tech have anything to do with the live performance. That just shows us how much skill he really has, as anyone could play along to something... my gawd, even me. You'd think the man has an extra pair of feet for Chist sake!


    But, I wonder if he'll have any new tricks up sleeve for the CA tour? I think it would be a nice change if he did something altogether different, even if it meant doing away with the big band section.


    Yes? No?

  6. Some very interesting points of view on both sides of the debate. I can see that a lot of people would to like to see the classic rock star bow at centre stage. But then again, many feel that since Neil and the other guys have done their job by playing a great show, so they're free to hit the road.


    I can see both sides, no doubt. I just think it would be great PR if they'd give just a little bit more. Is 30 seconds too much to ask, especially for Neil since he doesn't do meet and greets, etc... ??

  7. I guess what bothers me is the difference between a few people right in his face who tell him how great he is, "I have all your CDs and I've read all your books," and "I can play your solo"... "you're the best drummer ever" ... on and on, as opposed to standing there in front of 15,000 people who must stay their distance and who CAN'T get right in his face and tell him how "great he is" and all the rest of it.


    I hosted a TV series for eight seasons and I had a very small taste of what he goes through at times, although what I went through was about 1% of what he must. But, still, when people did approach me, I was as polite as I could be, given the circumstances.


    It wouldn't kill the guy to stand there for a bit and show his appreciation... Alex too. He normally hits the road pretty quick, often before Geddy is finished with his "Thank you for coming out" duties.


    Jeez, I must sound like a dick...



  8. Dude, if you're only 23 or so, you might be walking into a huge sh** storm...


    I am older (50) and balder (extra bald) than you, so automatically, I know more about this sort of crap. Take my advice and start running and don't stop until you get San Antonio... then, look over your shoulder and if anyone is following you, run until you cross into Mexico, but not too close to where all the crazy drug-related murders are happening.


    At your age and given the situation, the odds aren't exactly stacked in your favour. Ever heard the saying, "baggage free?" Well, this would not be a primo example of that.


    Just wait until the kid becomes a little pain in the ass (a classic melt-down in McDonald's for example) and / or the kid's father becomes one...


    Just sayin'... "Keepin' it real Dawg."


    Good luck either way... sounds like you have a big heart though.




    I came back to make a quick edit - I thought about something... first, you asked for advice from the women, of which, I am not. So, I'm sorry if I'm sticking my nose in where it doesn't belong. But, mainly, I could say some things that you probbaly want to hear - OR - I could say what you might not want to hear, but what is probably the best advice you'd get.



  9. Transparent Green is correct.


    The main thing I noticed is Geddy's keyboard which, in the main picture, is a Mini-Moog and it is positioned sideways to his right. On the Hemispheres tour he was using an OBX, a much larger multi keyboard and it was postioned on an angle to his left.


    The inset pictures are from Hemispheres, no doubt. For one, Alex's hair. He had it permed for much of that tour. I saw both tours in Ottawa and that's one thing I remember for some strange reason. And, the clothing... Hemispheres tour.


    In the main picture they're almost certainly playing Xanadu, due to the double-neck guitars, Geddy on the mini-Moog, Alex who looks like he's using his volumn pedal (for the opening segment) and Neil, who is standing likely to play his temple blocks and wind chimes.


    I had this poster too, on my bedroom wall, until a friend of mine begged me to give it him. That was in grade 10. Prick.

  10. I've heard a lot of live Rush, including the recordings that are available as regular albums. I have a hard time listening to ATWA Stage, it's too raw for me, but I can see why it's popular - because it's raw.


    Since I'm more a fan of the classic era, my favourite live recording is the one they did back in February, 1980, Keil Centre in St. Louis. Great production and recording, yes, but they played SO well... tight as a frog's ass. I prefer Geddy's so-called higher singing style and range too. And, I like the sound of Neil's drums much better back then, as compared to the live sound of his set now.


    That show opened with 2112 and that is I what believe to be the best recording of 2112 ever, far better than the 1976 studio version or the ATWA Stage version. I'm not crazy at all about the studio version of 2112 for some reason I can't exactly define. I think it's the way the sound is compressed or something?? (Forgive me, I'm not a sound enginner) I can't stand the drum sounds on that album, they all sound like there are blankets taped to the heads... they don't even sound like real drums.


    But, the St. Louis recording of 2112 - holy effing eff!


    The audio portion is on You Tube if you wanna check it out... get ready to get the chills. If you're old like me, wear Depends.

  11. You little brat...


    How come I don't "know" anybody???????????


    I did run into Geddy once in a shopping mall (Eaton Centre) in Toronto, back in 1982. I didn't say a word - I stood there with a startled look on my face, like I suddenly realized it wasn't "just a fart" - that I really sh** my pants.


    I'm knd of glad I didn't say anything. He probably gets enough people telling him that they're his "biggest fan ever" as it is...

  12. I just got onto these guys about a year ago. Living in Canada, they're not talked about quite as much up here. I've never heard them on the radio, not even "Pull Me Under." A friend of mine (from the US, of course) "ordered me" to check them out and I did.


    OMFG, these guys are good... and they're NOTHING like Rush, so I don't get the comments to that effect. They're a mix between Metallica, Iron Maiden, Yes, early Genesis, ELP and Floyd, with a little tiny bit of Rush in their, just because of influence.


    I have two DVDs, the 25th Anniversary at Radio City and the Around the World Kaos in Motion, or whatever it's called. These guys are frighteningly good.


    (Is frighteningly even a real word???????????????????)

  13. Okay, I'm probably going to pee on a few keyboards here, but before I start, for the record, Neil is my drum God and I'm obviously a huge fan. (I'm here, right?) I've read all of his books, etc... I started getting serious about playing the drums the very next day after I saw the 2112 concert in Ottawa, Ontario.


    I know Neil shy's away from the spotlight and any sense of adulation embarrases him, but -


    I have a complaint - After seeing 27 shows, I know what the end of the concert is like for Neil. He stands up, waves for about 5 - 6 seconds and then he splits. Again, I know he doesn't like all the "rock star" attention and stuff, but would it kill him (and the others) to come down to the centre stage and take 30 seconds to wave or just stand there and let people scream their asses off, or do whatever is normally done at the show's end by appreciative entertainers?


    Since I know how he feels about all this I know that he doesn't simply leave the stage quickly because he doesn't care, but for fans who DON'T know about his feelings on this, they think he just doesn't give a sh** and wants to get the hell off the stage...


    After all is said and done, if it weren't for ther fans, he might still be selling farm equipment parts in St. Catherines...

  14. I remember listening to Rush on th radio at the Kiel Center in St. Louis, Feb, (three nights sold out) 1980 (PW tour) and they opened with 2112. That was and still is the best opening ever... I wish I was there to see it.


    They also opened with 2112 on the Moving Pictures tour and I DID see that one! Effing amazing...


    I doubt they'd open with it now though.

  15. Hmmmm, I get the feeling you've listened to that song a time or two... Alex's guitar work is SO good all throughout, but it's also very original. I'd never heard anything like that before and back then I was (and still am) a big fan of Steve Hackett and Steve Howe. Even when he was 24, he could give those boys a run for their English Pounds.


    It amazes me that Alex doesn't receive more recognition as one of the VERY best rock guitar players. Neil and Geddy often clean up in polls and reviews, but for some reason, Alex seems to get screwed over. I'm sick of hearing about Eddie Van Halen and Jimmy Page.


    Back to the song - Geddy and Neil... the back and forth solos after the mid-section are unreal. I've been playing drums all my life and I still can't quite get that solo down. (Very close, but NOT "down.")





  16. Cygnus X1,, the whole thing, I think is underrated. We don't hear about it too much these days, but when I saw it live in 1977, it freaked me out. That and Xanadu are in my opinion, the begining of true progressive rock songs for the band.
  17. Hi everyone, new guy here from Thunder Bay, Ontario.


    For some reason YYZ always comes up as the best instrumental, but I'm not so sure about that one. Good song, but the best?


    My vote goes to La Villa Strangiatto, no contest. All three players are smokin' especially Lifeson. Crazy solos. And, if you realize they were only 23 or 24 when they wrote that one. NUTS!


    And, I'm new here, so if this question was asked before... Please don't throw any Rush mudcakes at me...



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