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  1. Not sure what a "Big Al" is... one of his Les Pauls? As far as I've heard from Geddy during interviews is the only song they tune down is parts of 2112... one semi-tone.


    And, I'm just a dumb drummer so I'm not sure what that means.

  2. I love all the albums and like most, I have a few favourites... Hemispheres, AFT Kings, Permanent Waves and Moving Pictures.


    But, what I find most amazing is the improvement (is that the right word??) from 2112 to A Farewell To Kings. They went from just a three piece, guitar, bass and drums, to a MUCH deeper sounding band with the addition of the Mini-Moog, Taurus pedals, double-neck guitars, guitar synth and Neil's additional precussion instruments. Remember, before AFTK, none of those instruments were used, at least as far as I know. Well, they did have a cowbell...


    I was "a fan" when I heard 2112 and All The World's A Stage, but I went mental when I heard Kings for the first time. I couldn't believe how BIG their new sound was. I wore out three copies of the album in just a few months and the blew the crap out of my mom's "hi-fi" speakers. "Turn that goddam thing down!"


    As far as I'm concerned there is no comparison between the two albums. Kings is almost like a new band... so to me, the biggest "jump" is between those two albums.


    Listen to Xanadu, then listen to anything on 2112, including the title piece. HUGE difference in sound, writing, playing, singing, production, all of it. To me, Rush was born on AFTK.

  3. QUOTE (Mika @ Sep 19 2012, 02:19 PM)
    I like to think of it as: we're all just people. When meeting new people in normal circumstances, neither person knows each other, and are on equal footing; there is a bit of conversation to 'break the ice' and get to know each other a little bit, and if there is chemistry, the people can become friends; otherwise, with no chemistry, they drift away and don't become friends. There needs to be some kind of common ground for friendship to happen.

    With celebrities, this isn't a normal circumstance; the fan and the celebrity are not on equal footing, as the fan knows (or thinks he knows) much about the celebrity, and the celebrity knows absolutely nothing about the fan, except for an assumption of normal fan behaviour. With this situation, it'd be hard to get some kind of normal interaction between the people, especially with each person's pre-conceived notion of each other (the fan knowing all that he knows about the celebrity, through media and third-hand information, and the celebrity knowing that this is a fan and will likely be enthusiastic and star-struck). As other people have mentioned, the best interactions have seemed to happen outside of these 'artificial' environments of meet-and-greets; a random encounter at a bar, or crossing paths outside a hotel, with something in common (a conversation launched by a John Deere hat).

    Meet-and-greets seem too contrived a situation to get a satisfactory experience meeting one's 'heroes'. I don't think I would be interested in it. I'd be interested in meeting the Rush guys as themselves, since they seem to be interesting and nice guys, but not in a situation where the balance between people is so uneven. Just because I enjoy their music and think that they're cool guys doesn't mean I have to elevate them. I do have pre-conceived notions of them, through what I've learned of them and my opinion, and I don't want that put to the test, either; if my meet with them didn't live up to my conceived expectations, I would be disappointed, through no fault of theirs, and I would be bummed.

    I remember some years ago, Jennifer Lopez was filming a movie in my area, and would hit the gym that I went to early in the morning. A friend suggested going to the gym earlier in order to meet her, but I balked - why would I want to present myself to someone I don't know and who doesn't know me in the midst of a sweat-fest? If I'm in the middle of doing some squats, the last thing I would want is for some stranger to come up and ask for an autograph or something.

    My eyes are bright with the light of the stars in the sky, not with the stars on the ground.

    Best post ever... and I didn't even write it!



  4. Great album, every bit as good as MP. The musicianship on both Losing it and The Weapon is astonishingly good.


    It sold more than 2 million copies world-wide from I can see on the internet.

  5. Dove is one bird I have not yet tried and I've heard it is excellent! Good sport too they say... (bring lots of shells!) I have friends who hunt them in Ohio and they shoot lots of them and then have a big feast after, inviting all their friends and neighbors.


    Great food - great times!


    Yesterday evening I shot a big fat drake mallard in my back pond... so, he is marinating right now in red wine, garlic, bay leaves and juniper berries. I'm going make a creamy white wine risotto and some root veg to go along with it. Gonna rock this evening!!!!!



  6. I gotta say - The Garden could easily be one of the top 3 - 4 Rush songs ever... when I first heard it I thought, WOW! And, it`s so different. I just love it! Favourite song on CA, by far.



  7. QUOTE (gangsterfurious @ Sep 18 2012, 04:03 PM)
    QUOTE (Prattster @ Sep 18 2012, 12:36 PM)
    QUOTE (rayrushray @ Sep 18 2012, 03:58 PM)
    and bill it appropriately so the "Working Man" can save his money

    Peace out

    The Troll, Ruffian, Scoundrel and whatever else the Post T4E rush "experts" want to call me.

    Good, I can feel your anger... It gives you focus, makes you stronger...



    Ughhh, that made me laugh so hard I knocked some grapefruit juice on the soccer mom shirt they make me wear at work.


    Now I'm pissed.



    Soccer mom... biggrin.gif


    If you were living in Canada, you'd be a hockey mom!!

  8. I've read a few posts about the meet and greet affairs that people go to so they can meet Alex and Geddy or their other favourite rockers. From what I hear, there is normally disappointment after because of the lack of personal touch, etc, and people go away with a different opinion of their "heros."


    I met David Lee Roth in 1981 in a Holiday Inn in Savannah, GA, and he was a real ass. Drunk, loud and rude. I really liked VH back then and it bummer me out that one of my high school-period idols was a jackass.


    I also met Neil Young in Toronto years ago. He wasn't drunk, loud or rude, just didn't want to give two seconds of his time. So, I went away thinking that he wasn't a very nice guy, when in fact, he probably is. I would hate to have people constantly wanting to tell me their life story and how "learned all your songs!"


    Knowing how Neil avoids any type of fan interaction when possible I think I'd be afraid to meet him in case I said the wrong thing... even, "Hi Neil." So, I'll leave my opinion of Neil as it is - a "great guy" who I've never met. A friend of mine met him backstage in Thunder Bay, Ontario, on the Hemispheres tour and he said Neil was not exactly the way he thought he'd be. So, he was slightly bummer out about his "hero."


    So, here's the question -


    Instead of taking a chance that when you meet Geddy or Alex (for example) they might not be the people you envisioned, would it be safer to NOT meet them and keep them in your mind as they are?





  9. It's likely that my lifestyle is different from most people's. I live in northern Canada, (northwestern Ontario) way back in the bush, off the grid by three miles even... and I fish and hunt throughout the year. And, I almost never buy meat from the store.


    Eating wild game is very good for you and it tastes great! For dinner last night, I had ruffed grouse braised in chicken broth and white wine, with garlic, onions, carrots and celery, small red potatoes, fresh herbs: flat leaf parsley and rosemary. Rustic and delicious!


    I'm telling you... this meal was SO damn good. For anyone who hasn't yet tried eating wild game and fish, try it... you'll be pleasantly surprised.


    Our moose and deer seasons open up soon. I'm going on a fly-in moose hunt on September 23. And, so far this fall, along with grouse, I've hunted and eaten rabbits (hare), ducks and Canada geese.


    I would imagine some people think that hunting is cruel, etc, and everyone has their right to their opinions. But, if the thought of hunting doesn't bother you, try to find someone who is a hunter and see if you can get your hands on fresh meat this fall!!


    If you are a hunter yourself... well, get your ass up in that treestand!


    I do alot of cooking, so if anyone wants some help with cooking wild game or fish, just let me know.





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