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  1. Even though the RRHOF is a joke (just looks who is in the damn thing!) it would be nice for the band and the fans. Since many people don't know it's such a joke, it would give Rush more of the appreciation they deserve.


    I can't believe KISS hasn't already been inducted. I grew out of KISS just after high school, but they DID a lot for the music busness and they were VERY original... sold 100 million albums. That's not too shabby. They influenced a lot of bands too.



  2. One of the things that people like about The Hip is just what you say, they're very approachable... that sort of "regular guy" thing. These guys live in a small city near Ottawa and they'll go down to a local coffee shop and shoot the shit just like "normal" people. Or one of them (or sometimes all of them) will show up at a bar and jam with the band.


    They're also known to play very small venues on occassion, especially for a good reason, like a charity event. They went all the way up to the coast of Hudson Bay to play in a high school gym in a remote Cree First Nation community called Attiwapiskat back in the winter. That community has had some tough times recently so a free Hip show was a real boost for them. They could easily draw 20,000 - 30,000 for a show but they'll play to a few hundred if there's a good reason to.


    These guys, at least from I hear, are the opposite to your standard-issue rock stars. They're just regular guys who play good rockin' tunes. There's no huge lighting system, no pyro, no crazy on-stage stuff... they just casually walk out onto the stage, say "Hello" to the crowd, pick up their guitars and start to play. No big "rock star' entrance or anything like that.


    They have a US tour coming up, mostly smaller venues like larger clubs (1000 - 1500 capacity size) and smaller theaters (3,000 - 4,000 seaters) so if you get a chance go see these guys. I'm sure their live set will have you buying their albums the next day.


    It's hard to explain this band, really.

  3. I haven't been around here much recently (it's hunting season after all!) and I have a feeling I may have posted this link before - if I have, you can sue me I guess...





    This a full concert recording (audio only unfortunately) from Offenbach, Germany in a small 3,000 seater. May 1979. GREAT recording... back in "the good old days."


    I thought this might give some of the old time Rush fans a serious Johnson. Or a Woodstock. Or a cornstalk. Or a Chubby. Or a Stiffy... (Can't think of any other things to call "it.") Oh, ya, a Boner.

  4. The earlier albums are their best, in my opinion. If you were to try one, I'd get "Up To Here." It sold 3 million copies, probably their best. "Day For Night" is also a good one and when they appeared on SLN in '94, they played "Grace Too" from that CD.


    I haven't heard anything from them in the last ten years that I'm crazy about, but they're still great in concert.



  5. Pretty hard to beat Rush in Rio... that drum solo is the best I've heard from Neil. Very melodic and well thought out. I love the African rhythms in that piece...
  6. We used to find morels growing wild near Collingwood, Ontario (north of Toronto) where I used to live back in the 80s. But, I haven't seen them in the northwestern Ontario region yet.


    I'm not a huge mushroom fan, but for those in the know, morels are the best of the best. Sauteed in olive oil and butter, fine diced shallots, red wine reduced, and heavy cream... seasoning. Oh ya!



  7. If you live in the central or southern US or in Europe, there's a decent chance you've never heard of "The Hip." They're huge in Canada, and to be honest, they'd probably sell out a 16,000 stadium quicker than Rush would up here.


    They've been recording and touring since the late 80s but have had a tough time cracking the US market. When they do play the in US, they play usually play anything from a club to a 3,000 seat theater. In places like Detroit and Buffalo (near Toronto) they do well. They sold out Cobo Hall in Detroit in '96. About 10,000 or so. Same place where the original "Kiss Alive" was recorded.


    Well worth a listen and a look. These guys are pretty wild in concert - stripped down rock 'n roll. No keys, no progressive rock, just good tunes. Many of their lyrics are "very Canadian" though and that might be one small reason why they struggle to break in the states.


    So, have any of "ya'll" heard of or seen The Hip?



  8. A buddy of mine saw the show last night in Edmonton. It was his 39th Rush show and he said it was easily the best over-all show. Then, he said, "Well, either last night or the Moving Pictures concert in Toronto back in '81."


    He also said the place was pretty much packed, accept for a handful of nose-bleeders. Said the strings added big time to the show.

  9. I know that DW Drums are widely used today and they're considered top-shelf by many professionals. I hear they're quite pricey too. Other than on albums and recorded songs, I've only heard them a couple of times (accoustically) and one of those times was when I was playing them myself. They're well built, weight a ton, and the accessories are insanely well made. But, I'm not sure I really like sound of the "new drums."


    Listening to the earlier Rush recordings up to Moving Pictures, I think the drums sound much better than they do on the last few albums. Earlier on, Neil played Slingerland, Tama and Ludwig and now he's on the DWs. I just love the Tamas on MP, of course, but listen to Caress of Steel. The drums sound like... well, drums. So clear and defined, the way drums are supposed to sound.


    I know a lot of the final-version drum sound has to do with studio production, but is it just me, or do Neil's earlier drums sound better than the more recent ones? And, I really like his live sound too, especially around the AFTK and Hemispheres tours.


    A recording engineer, I am not... I'm sure some of you know more about this than I do.




  10. Hi Ireland guy,


    I'm "just a drummer" so I don't understand much of the technical guitar stuff, but a friend of mine is a guitar player/Alex fan and he once told me Lifeson's live rig is quite complex. Lots of odd-ball tunings, effects, sequencers, all of it and more.


    I just take the easy way out by "hitting things with sticks."



  11. I came across this video on Youtube of the guys playing the Prelude section of Hemispheres on the CP tour back in 94. This footage is from MSG in New York.



    It's a semi-professional video with various cameras, good edits, etc. I saw this tour in Minneapolis and when they played Hemispheres the audience literally went mental.


    Geddy was able to still hit some of those high notes, and for some, he wisely sang lower notes, but he still sounded great! Seeing this brings back memories of seeing the Hemispheres Tour in Ottawa, Dec 21, 78. The period of AFT Kings through Permenent Waves for me, is the BEST Rush. I love all of it, but I have my favourite era.


    Any Hemispheres memories after seeing this one??

  12. I wouldn't concern myself with a whole new set list but - I would absolutely crap my pants (actual shit in my boxers, not just speaking metaphorically) if they opened the show with Xanadu! Both playing double-neck guitars, dry ice coming out over the stage... the crowd would go berzerk!!


    Did I spell berzerk correctly????????????????

  13. One thing I've always wondered about - and forgive me if I don't know what I'm talking about because I really don't know much about the details surrounding the dispute, but - I've always thought that the owner of a business would and should make more $$ than the employees. No?


    So, if this is correct, and if the players are considered employees, the owners should be making more money than the players. I've always been self employed in one small business or another and I couldn't imagine any of my employees complaining that I make more money than they do. I'd tell them to go invest a bunch of money and start up their own small business.


    I can't help thinking "Bunch of over-payed, spoiled players!"


    The owners are well paid too I would think, but they are the owners after all. If the players don't like it, they can go and buy their own team.

  14. And, to think that this solo was done when he was just 16, with just a home video camera, one camera angle, no edits. This guy's skills are astonishing.


    I've played drums all my life... I just play for fun now and I don't consider myself very good anymore, but I do know about drums... I taught for a few years at the Canadian Conservatory of Music back in the day too. So, I am confident that I know enough to correctly assess one's skills on the kit.


    He's about 20 now, I think. I can't find any professional videos on him, but if anyone finds one, I'd love to hear about it.


    He does things that even the world's top drummers could not do. And, i'm not talking about stick tricks either. Just watch his playing. Technique, speed, groove... all of it.


    Terry Bozio, Neil Peart, Mike Portnoy, Bill Bruford, Carl Palmer, Steve Smith, Dave Weckl... all these guys would look a little outdone in a head to head competition. As ridiculous as this may sound I believe it to be true.



  15. QUOTE (Cygnus @ Sep 19 2012, 03:36 PM)
    Eat lots of Venison and fish we catch in the Gulf of Mexico.
    Deer season just opened up for archery, with any luck I will
    start the annual hunting thread in the One Little Victory section.
    Please post pics of your successful hunts
    Need some Moose Pics yes.gif yes.gif yes.gif

    Our deer season (archery only) opened on September 1. Too warm for me just yet... I'll start hunting in a couple weeks or so when it cools down and the deer start moving around. Our rut starts to really rock around Oct 20 or so. My treestand is about 200 yars behind my house, so it's not like a have to go far or book holidays!


    I'm going on a fly-in moose hunting trip On Sunday... I'm producing a video... so, it's technically a "business trip." Ahem...


    If I can figure out HOW to post pictures, I'll put a few up. I am NOT a computer guy at all... I have hard time doing basic stuff. Apple is NOT considering me to take over Syeve Job's old position, that much I can assure you.



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