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  1. Maybe I'm not as hard-core as I once thought, not as much as many people on here for certain!! Holy shit... But, when Rush would put out a new album, I would just go and buy it. Then I'd listen to it. I never thought of disecting it or analyzing it or labeling it as anything.


    When I first listened to Power Windows, to me, it was just another good Rush album. I didn't didn't think about how much synth, how compressed, "are the drums up front enough," or whatever. It was Rush.


    For the record, I always thought PWs was a great album and a heavy one too. Listen to the guitar in Territories.

  2. Every time I read something that Neil has written and I can't stop thinking of just HOW good a writer he is. Simple prose writing, but the most entertaining stuff around. Funny too. Love (again) the church signs...
  3. If the name of it was the Pop Music Hall of Fame, we'd have less to complain about. Some of the acts in it now have nothing to do with rock 'n roll or rock.


    If you think about it, Rush isn't a rock 'n roll band either. As someone earlier said, it's all about semantics and what this or that is called. If they're going to include rap guys and acts like ABBA, Madonna, etc, they should include country bands too.


    That would be really weird, but it would be fair. Until they change the name to the Pop Music HOF, they should include everyone.


    I'd like to see a separate "Rock Music" HOF. Then, JUST rock bands and artists would be eligible.



  4. I'll dream along with you, but it won't happen. While we dream, let's throw in The Fountain of Lamneth too... the whole goddam thing! Geddy might have to sing some of that one a little differently... unless they could pay Aimee Mann to come on stage and squeeze his balls each night during the high parts.



  5. Didn't Sarah Palin write an auto-biography? Ya know, I believe she did... and what exactly did she "do" again? Oh, that's right... she made a complete fool of herself in front of the entire world, how could I forget?




    So, if Sarah can write one so can the OP!


    Do it...

  6. If some of ya'll Americans didn't know, we Canucks celebrate Thanksgiving on the second Monday of October as opposed to yours which is on the fourth Thursday in November.


    So, safe to say, there will be a lot of hoser turkeys going down this weekend, mostly today and some will be cooked and eaten tomorrow. Best meal of the year, IMO!


    Last year we cooked a wild turkey that my friend shot down in central Ontario and it was delicious. Along with mashed potatoes, rutabagas (turnip), carrots, Brussels sprouts... with gravy on EVERYTHING!


    And, pumpkin pie! The real deal, from scratch, not that E. D. Smith shit that comes in the can...


    This year I'm on my own... so it was a couple of pork chops. But, still damn good!!


    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. That was a great album and an even better tour... I remember seeing them in Toronto and about five minutes into the set, about 500 people rushed the stage... so much for "reserved' seating! It was friggin' wild.


    The other 15,000 people didn't seem to mind...

  8. I don't think they'll be concentrating on any particular album on any upcoming tours. The only reason (I believe) they did the whole MP album on the TMT is because is it by far, their most popular album selling close to 8 million copies world-wide.


    The tour was a look back at "time" and their biggest album was featured.


    That is, of course, is there is another tour. These guys are 60 now... I wouldn't blame them one bit if they retire and spend the rest of their time (and money) with their families. They've earned, I'd say!!



  9. Ha!! So true, Cyg... I was in Arkansas back in 2003 and one of the guys I was hunting with asked me if I was from "Canadia." I told him that we changed the name to Canada after we kicked the vikings out back in 1920. He said, "Oh, I didn't know that."


    Then, I told him that they city of Toronto (8 million people) is considering getting a daily newspaper sometime before the end of the year. And, he thought that would be a good idea...


    Holy shit.


  10. A friend of mine sent me a link to a webiste - www.networth.com. Listed on it are the apparent net worths of many celebrities, including actors, athletes and musicians. And, some dumb ass thieves... 'er, ooops, I mean, politicians.


    First, I have no idea how anyone could find out about people's private financial affairs and bank balances, but even if these numbers are accurate to within 25%, the amounts of money these young pop stars is making is frightening. If you compare them to some of the most talented and legendary "artists" on the planet, there is something seriously wrong with this picture. This actually makes me want to puke.


    Here are some examples from that website - starting with some teeny bopper pop stars. These are the PERSONAL net worths of these people, not how much $$ their latest tour grossed, for example.


    Some of these kids have been in the business for only two or three years and look -


    Justin Beiber is worth 110 million


    Miley Cyrus - 120 million


    Lady Gaga - 150 million


    Taylor Swift - 80 million


    Britney Spears - 150 million


    Bow wow (whoever the F that is?) - 45 million


    Avril Lavigne - 45 million


    Carrie Underwood - 45 million


    Katy Perry - 55 million



    Now for some people who have been around for a long, long time - and they actually write their own songs...



    Jon Anderson - 45 million


    Joni Mitchell 6 million


    Geddy - 28 million


    Alex - 28 million


    Neil - 22 million


    Alice Cooper - 40 million


    Tom Petty - 75 million


    Neil Young - 65 million


    Carly Simon - 45 million


    Ian Anderson - 20 million


    Can you imagine a kid like Justin Beiber, who went from performing cover songs on the internet to headlining 20,000 - 60,000 seaters in less than a year, is worth 110 million? I mean, sure the kid has "some" talent and he's a cute kid, but is he worth that much?








  11. I saw two nights at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto... on the Moving Pictures Tour.


    The only thing I remember for sure is that they opened with 2112, then went into the either Limelight or the Spirit of Radio. (Not sure which one.) They did not play Witch Hunt on that tour.


    I have the ESL DVD and I was dissapointed when I watched it because they didn't start with 2112. It was edited out... they started with Limelight on the DVD, as I'm sure you already know.


    They also didn't include Neil's solo, other than in the background with some concert commentary. Excluding Neil's drum solo is grounds for a jail sentence in my opinion!!





  12. What about Alice Cooper? He loves Rush! Oh, wait... I think I made a mistake. No he doesn't... sorry.


    Let's go with Bubbles... and I agree, Ricky should be up there too, swearing, smoking and drinking whiskey from the bottle, protesting that Helix should be in instead of Rush!

  13. I ate some suicide wings in a bar in Upstate NY once that nearly killed me. They were SO hot I was considering jumping off a bridge afterward... hence the "almost killed me" part. I didn't know food could be THAT hot.


    Looking back, I'm not sure why I actually ate them. A warning to their level of insane heat was when the waitress was carrying them - they burning her eyes... I guess the beer that we bought for .69 a jug may have been a factor back in 1982... tongue.gif

  14. I know nothing about playing bass guitar, but I've heard from some who do, and they all say that Geddy's simultaneous bass playing/singing is probably the most advanced or "difficult" in the rock music jonre.


    Let's face it, he plays bass better than most rock bassists out there and he sings better than most rock singers out there. Then, he does them at the same time, meanwhile, playing keyboards and synthesizer pedals of various types. This guy is superhuman if you ask me.


    Apparently, the album Hemispheres has some of the toughest singing/playing on it of all the Rush albums, but I'm also hearing that CA is right up there, if not moreso.

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