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  1. Yes, correct you are - the black Slingerland set was THE kit when I was a crazy kid listening to both Hemispheres and AFT Kings ten times a day. I still like the early drum sounds a lot better anyway, regardless. I mentioned this once before, I don't really like the new DW sound at all. Probably due to the way they're recorded and mixed??? I just like the old sound better... Neil's 8 & 10 inch toms sound like tin cans. Very loud tin cans...


    Not a facebook guy, but thanks for the invite just the same...

  2. It's examples like this that caused me to build a new house last year on 160 acres, WAY back in the bush, off the grid. My closest neighbor is 3 miles by vehicle.


    If I want to hear loud music of any kind, I'll play it myself. And, the coolest part about my new house location? No more dogs barking at 3 o' clock in the GD Effing morning! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!

  3. I would imagine I'm not the first one to see this, but just in case... I found this linked on Rush Is A Band .com . It sounds credible.


    It's an interview with Howard Ungerlieder discussing the lights for the tour. At the end of there is a statement talking about the new leg for 2013. The statement isn't from Howard, it's from the writer of the piece.





  4. I never realized that the four concert toms were more of a copper/brass colour as opposed to the chrome finish of the main kit.


    I STILL like the sound of those Slingerlands any day over the DWs. And, that's not just my heart talking here. I honestly think they sound more like "real drums." listen to Hemispheres again... amazing.

  5. Here's my take on it...


    Of course, it'll never happen, but it's cool to think about it and fantasize for a minute. Like others have said, they'll only book a very commercially successful, mainstream band to play the Half Time show. Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Bruce, Peas... those bands. But one thing that I've always wondered about is why, since the NFL is a huge AMERCIAN event, why in the name of hell would they book a band that wasn't from the USA? I think doing so is insulting to the Amercian viewers. Didn't The Who play that show a few years back? Why?


    I think Rush could play the Half Time show of our Grey Cup in Canada, I'm sure they could. It would be a big deal. But, I don't want to see anything BUT Canadian bands playing at "our" game and if I was an Amercian I wouldn't want to see anything BUT a kick-ass American band playing at the Super Bowl.


    Simple as that!

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  6. Cyg, I totally agree - that Levin bass line kicks serious arse! I think he used something they refer to as a "stick" but I forget the proper name for it. Instead of using his fingers to pluck the strings, he hits them with sticks attached to his fingers. Someone please explain this properly because I know that I'm not...


    I really love that whole album. I don't think it's a sell out at all. It's not a progressive album, really, but it's a great album.


    Going back in time -


    "Walking across the sitting room, I turn the television off"


    "Sitting beside you, I look into your eyes."


    Come on, someone must know this one... possibly the best prog song ever. Next to Hemispheres, of course!!

  7. I'd surprised if Rush doesn't own all it's masters, especially, since Ray Danniels is known to be quite an astute manager. Plus, we often hear how Rush is quite independent of record lables, etc. But, how the hell would any of us know, really... the music business is so complex and there are many different deals and contracts throughout the industry.


    I'm guessing of course, but it's more likely that "pop artists" who don't write their own music, just record it, may not own the tapes. Just my guess, but again, how the hell would I know? I'm just a dumb ass from the woods of northern Canada. Or, "Canadia" as I've heard a few Americans call it.

  8. When I was 12 - 13 and just getting into drumming and proper drum lessons, The Fountain of Lamneth was something that I listened to over and over and over. I learned to play all the drums parts accept for Dictats and Narpets... the part with Neil's crazy solo. First, I just couldn't play that fast, and secondly, I didn't have the small concert toms needed to play it correctly. A couple years later, my kit expanded, including a 6 ", 8", 10" and 12" concert toms - then YES - I could do it.


    That was nearly 40 years ago. If I tired to play that part now I'd probably have to stop half way through and take a break...


    I think COS is one of the most under-rated albums ever let alone in the Rush catalogue. Imagine, being 22 years old and coming up with material like that... holy shit.

  9. Yes, that's the part where is using a rim shot. Then, as the song and the beat picks up, he goes back to the straight snare drum notes. It's a fairly common fdrum technique, the rim shot is. And, you are NEVER too old to learn how to play an instrument - even the drums!!
  10. There's no way Geddy could sing it as high as it was recorded... he was 21 when it was done. But, they could play it today and he could sing it a little differently, changing key and changing a few of the notes around to suit his range now. It would still be wicked to hear and see this song live. This was the first Rush I learned to play on the drums and one of the first songs I ever heard from them period.


    I wouldn't be surprised at all if Geddy could still hit most of those notes... but that would be tough on his voice throughout a tour. He still nails "Each of us, a cell of unawarness, imperfect and incomplete" et cetera on Freewill and that's friggin' way up there!


    Maybe Lerxst could run over and squeeze his onions while he does the " they wrooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuughhhhhhhhhhhhhht" part?


  11. Lorraine, you must get Rush Rio on DVD. Then, go with Exit Stage Left on DVD. Then, close your eyes and start grabbing them off the shelf.


    Welcome to the board... only friendly people on here. Well, there was this one guy who was a dick, but I think a few of the boys told him to screw off... or something like that.




    Thank you for the welcome! I did order the DVD - it was $3.75 plus s/h on Amazon. Can you beat that? :)


    You're a drummer? Maybe you can answer a question for me. I know absolutely nothing about music other than I love it. When I was young(er), this is the pre-internet and DVD days...you know, the dark ages when all we had were turntables and record albums...we just listened. Today, we can watch. So, I watch and am fascinated by them playing their instruments.


    In this video http://www.last.fm/m.../ 1-AW2uNUPT-yo, I notice that Neil, in one part, has his hands crossed over at the wrists to play the drums. Is there a particular reason why he did this, or is this just the way he does things? I love to watch him on those drums. Such force and energy!



    First of all, $3.75? Holy sheeeeeeeeeet, that's almost free.


    I watched the video and the only place that I can see what you mean is where he is doing what is called a "rim shot." It's where the drummer uses his snare drum hand (the left hand for right handed drummers like Neil and me) and lays the stick down across the head of the drum (also called a skin) so that 3/4 of the stick is on the snare head and the other 1/4 of it is sticking out over the rim of the drum. So, when he strikes the stick downward, the sound that is made by hitting the rim with the stick sounds kind of like a wood block. You hear this rim shot type sound in country music a lot. Most drummers actually turn the stick around so the butt end strikes the rim, mainly. You normally get a better and deeper rim shot sound this way.


    There is another type of rim shot but it's something different altogether. It's when the drummer strikes the snare drum and hits the head and the rim (near the handle of the drumstick) at the same time. This gives a high pitched "ping" sound. Almost like reverb... and it's very loud. If you listen to early Yes, Bill Bruford did that a lot so his snare drum could "cut" through and be heard over Chris Squire's loud and "treble -ish" bass sound of the time.


    Hope this helps...


    Now go out and buy a goddam drum set!! Then, move to Canada and I'll give you free lessons...



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  12. Second weekend out...one of those nocturnal bucks I only see on game cameras messed up.




    went back to the 30-30.., going to mount this one...huge by Florida standards





    Dude, good shot, right behind the shoulder! A "double lunger." Easy to track that deer, I'll bet. How did it it run? One foot?

  13. On a happer note, I shot a doe the other day. The back straps were the best red meat I've ever eaten. Marinating them in red wine and juniper berries for two days didn't hurt... unnecessary to marinate back straps of course (loin) but man, they were SO good. The wine and berries added great flavour too.
  14. Really sad and totally unnecessary. Basic gun safe handling rules... know what you're shooting at and what's beyond your target. Easy for me to say, not knowing the facts, but a gun can't kill someone if you don't shoot it at them.


    I wonder if they were wearing hunter orange?

  15. Just heard on the news that Crosy is considering playing in Europe now too. That's not a good sign...


    Personally, I hope they ALL lose the whole season. It would teach them to stop being so effing greedy. I would feel bad for all the regular people who are trying to make a living from the NHL, like restaurant staff, hotel staff, concession stand workers... the regular people.


    I don't honesly know the facts, but I have a theory. From what I've heard, the players and the team owners are arguing over money. If so, then I think the players are at fault here. The owners are the players' bosses. In any business the owners make more money, at least that's the way it normally goes. The team onwers SHOULD make more money than the players. They put up the investment to buy the team, they take all the risk. They players get their HUGE pay check every other week, with NO financial risk.


    I've had a few of my former employees whine that I was making more money that they were, so I told them to go start their own business so they can make more money.


    What I do know for sure, is that I have a hard time listening to millionaires argue with millionaires over money, especially, young players. Do they not realize how fortunate they are to even be IN the league, let alone being paid millions per year? Even the guys who don't make millions per year, are still making a DAMN good living. Even a modest salary of say, $750,000 per year is one HELL of a lot of money for someone who is in their twenties. Most people these days are trying to scratch out $30 - 40K in a year, by working their asses off!


    They can all stick it up their asses as far as I'm concerened...

  16. I just watched MPs rant. I think his head is about to explode.


    It must be VERY hard for him (or any other musician) going from headlining 15,000 - 20,000 seaters and having a huge crew waiting on you to playing tiny places with little to no crew and not even having your own instruments. Why would anyone tour if they couldn't even bring their own gear? I've never even heard of that. Might as well stay close to home and play clubs.


    I think reality is setting in. Should have stayed in DT.

  17. Lorraine, you must get Rush Rio on DVD. Then, go with Exit Stage Left on DVD. Then, close your eyes and start grabbing them off the shelf.


    Welcome to the board... only friendly people on here. Well, there was this one guy who was a dick, but I think a few of the boys told him to screw off... or something like that.



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  18. I'm not a tattoo person, but that does look bad-ass! Maybe I'll get the front of Neil's 1976 bass drum tattooed on my ass... Someone's probably already beaten me to it, I'll bet!
  19. I get the feeling you're a heavy-duty Rush fan!


    I wish I was at the Vegas show as everything I've heard and read indiciates it was one of "those" shows. About as good as it gets. I've seen the band about 27 times and can't ever remember one that wasn't great, but only a handful that were as good as what the Vegas show apparently was. One that comes to mind is the Moving Pictures Tour show in Toronto, 1981. It was one of "those" shows too.

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