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  1. Lorraine, good posting!


    drgrendel - I don't think I get it... so what if they recently got recognized in the hall. I also think the hall is a bit of a joke for the same reasons that others do, but Rush still plays great music. Have fun listening to Marillion.

  2. Hey, no one is perfect, and everyone does stupid things when they're young. That's not an excuse, it's a fact.


    Sure it was jarring to think of the guys in Rush acting that way, but I would rather appreciate human beings and understand that they come with flaws than idolise fantasies of perfection that could never exist in the real world.


    Roger that!

  3. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, freshly-picked wild blueberries are SO good! Where I live in northwestern Ontario we have TONS of blueberries from late July through August. Hard to beat blueberry pancakes and sausages for breakfast... and REAL Canadian maple sirop from Quebec!


    Mara, thanks for making me hungry... :drool:

  4. No, no, I haven't read that anywhere and I'm not trying to start rumours. But, I think that would be amazing if TB did get back in the studio with the boys for the go around.


    I'm getting the feeling that the next Rush album, if there is one, just might be their last. They would likely be pushing 63 or so when it came out... Wouldn't it be cool to have Broon back in there especially, if they did another album of longer songs like AFT Kings or Hemispheres?


    I'll bet it would be a great album. Yes, I'm an "old Rush" fan...

  5. I always hear people saying (on BTL Stage for example) that Rush was never cool and that only nerds et cetera liked them. I have no idea what the hell everyone is talking about.


    I grew up in Ottawa, (Ontario, Canada, not CA!) and let me assure you that, at least in MY high school, Rush was VERY cool. Everyone listened to them and every concert in Ottawa from 1976 on, was sold out to the "standing room only" point, in which they allowed in those days. For the Hemispheres show on Dec 21, 1979, you couldn't move in that arena, it was so packed!


    Every musician was considered cool in my high school and every musician I knew learned how to play Rush. There was this young bassist named Peter Voisy and he could play Xanadu... and he had a goddam Rickenbacker 4001... a black one. He was very cool.

  6. What about Justin Bieber? He's Canadian and he's an incredibily talented legend. And, I'm sure he'd pronounce Neil's last name correctly... "Neil Purt."


    (Poster's note - if you take the above post seriously, you should consider counselling.)

  7. Breakfast rules... many "all day" breakfast restaurants these days.


    Eggs benedict anyone?


    Blueberry pancakes and Canadian pork sausages?


    I used to own and operate a small restaurant back in the late 90s. One breakfast selection was called the "Rugged Man Special."


    Check this shit out -


    3 eggs

    3 strips of bacon

    3 slices of ham

    3 pork sauages

    a huge portion of my seasoned homefries (salt & pepper, basil, oregano and paprika)

    3 pancakes

    fresh fruit

    2 pieces of toast or a bagel


    coffee or tea


    It was $14.99... it was more of a marketing thing but we sold a lot of them. The person ordering it was almost always a tall, skinny dude...


    "Pound 'er down!"

  8. For years, I've been hearing about this book by one of the world's most praised prose writers, so I finally picked up a copy at my local library and read it. Well, I must be the oddball because I just didn't get it.


    Maybe I am trying to say that there wasn't much to get... first, it was very short... and not much of a story, in my opinion. An old man goes fishing, catches a huge fish and the thing gets eaten by sharks. I was constantly waiting for something to happen but it never did. I guess the "happened" part went right over my head. So simple that I missed it???


    I know that Hemingway's style was simplistic, but I have to say, the book seemed like it was written by a ten year old. I guess it's just me, but I was kind of disappointed.


    Anyone else read this book?

  9. Personally, I wouldn't know one wine from another. I only use it for cooking. I remember 30 years ago when I was working as a young prep cook in a high end restaurant in Toronto... it was not uncommon at all for someone to send an $800 bottle of wine back because it was "unacceptable." Holy shit... people like that make me sick to my stomach. Just trying to put on a big show...


    Peter Gabriel's "Big Time" - the perfect song for these clowns.

  10. Holy shit, Mika... you should be a GD writer! Well done.


    There is one constant thing (Mika, please find me a better word for "thing" here because I can't, plus I'm just too lazy to try right now) with Rush fans. And, that is that many of us think we "know" the members of the band. I used to be like this at one time. Who knows what celebrities ACTUALLY do on their own private time and really - who cares, as long it doesn't hurt anyone.


    Was I a little disappointed when I heard about Alex getting in trouble iin Florida a few years ago? Sure. Because it didn't suit the band's image of what we believe them to be. I thought, "No way, not Lifeson! That guy never gets into trouble!" But, when I heard what really happened, the whole story, I figured I would have ended up in trouble with the law too, if I was in the same situation.


    The only reason we hear about crazy stuff like Brittney Spears shaving her head and smashing a window with an umbrella is because that genre of "kiddy pop" is always at the top of the entertainment headlines. Unfortunately.


    I'd be surprised if any of the members of Rush use any drugs other than the odd bit of pot. But, if they do, it's their choice... personally, I am TOTALLY against ANY DRUGS (including pot) but again, it's none of my goddam business what others do.


    At the end of the day, these guys make great music, put on a great live show and at least to us, seem like normal guys. Now, if I went to a Rush concert and one of the guys was so wasted that it ruined the show, I'd want my goddam money back. But, from this band's track record of nearly 40 years, I'd say the odds of that happening are about as good as someone getting nailed by lightning twice in the same day.


    Author's note - Mika, how did I do other than the "thing" part in which I stumbled badly? :huh:

  11. I remember at the S & A tour in Minneapolis, there was this SMOKIN' HOT power babe... actually, more like a CERTFIFIED AND REGISTERED (and probably had the papers to prove it) power babe sitting right in front of me and she had a look on her face that said, maybe, just maybe, her cat pissed on her pizza just an hour before the show. Her three female friends were standing up most of the time and were real fans of the band... singing along, high fiving each other at the beginning of every song... But, not her. She sat on her (very nice little) ass the whole time with her arms crossed like she was having a level five crisis. During the intermission I finally said to her, "I take it you're not a huge Rush fan." She just scowled at me with one of those looks...


    I was going to ask her a few more quick questions... "What's the matter, did you put your tampon in the wrong hole by mistake or something? String and all? And, it's in there for good?"


    As I said, I was GOING to ask her a few more quick questions... the proof that I didn't is the simple fact that I don't still have the heel of a stilletto stuck in my big, bald head more than five years later.


    Damn, she was HOT though... but as I've learned over the years, the hotter they, the more of a pain in the ass they are. Usually.


    So, I am now in search of a "pretty hot" chick who wants to live in the middle of "Nowhere, Canada." Free Health Care... :D

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