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  1. But I’d like to think we’re mostly not like any other fan base. I think our base would welcome an accomplished drummer or two filling in. WE know there’s only 1 Neil and we wouldn’t whoever it was to be Neil.


    And know, they wouldn’t go by Rush. It has long been documented that there isn’t a Rush without all three. However, using another name gets around that. Semantics I know.

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  2. Dreaming but dreams don’t need to have motion.


    First, I think a tour would be great. A great way to honor Neil and earn a few bucks as well.


    If they were to decide to tour in some form, what would the set list be? Keep in mind that it would probably be a shorter set than in the past. Besides, I think it would allow them to include songs from their solo albums which they never got to perform live on their own.


    (Mind you, I don’t know any of Victor)


    The Spirit of Radio


    Stick It Out

    Runaway Train

    “Victor Song 1”

    Afterimage / Ghost Rider

    Tom Sawyer


    “Victor Song 2”

    The Present Tense / Moving To Bohemia

    The Pass / Time Stand Still

    Closer To The Heart

    The Trees

    YYZ (video of Neil performing solo)

    Resist (acoustic) / Bravado (acoustic)

    The Garden

    Far Cry




    Headlong Flight


    - Overture

    - Temples of Syrinx

    - Grand Finale




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  3. Better than the “rank your favorite songs never played live” and “this song versus song” garbage that’s on here all the time.


    So it took a little research. Sue me

  4. Fall of 8th grade (1981?). Sitting at my friends table & eating a bowl of cereal (probably hung over - oh 8th grade - sigh) and Tom Sawyer came on MTV. It got my attention right away.


    Over the next few years, I found friends who shared the same enthusiasm and respect for the musicianship. Besides, I had a high voice and took pride in being able to imitate Ged. It was during this late 8th - 10th grade, bring apart of our band, that my education of the band exploded.

  5. Intermission. I better go check on my kids. Is periscope turning anyone else into a bad parent?


    I am only ignoring my laundry :) They will grow up too fast, hug them now. Losing it must have made me emotional :P


    This is probably the last time I'm using periscope. Everyone in the house went to bed hours ago. Even our boxer is asleep at my feet.

    Plenty of other n=bands you can catch via the Scope! Caught U2 the other night from MSG...

    I agree with ytserush! The Tampa show was not only my last Rush concert, but probably my last concert ever. Who the hell is worth going to see now after them?



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