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  1. But I’d like to think we’re mostly not like any other fan base. I think our base would welcome an accomplished drummer or two filling in. WE know there’s only 1 Neil and we wouldn’t whoever it was to be Neil.


    And know, they wouldn’t go by Rush. It has long been documented that there isn’t a Rush without all three. However, using another name gets around that. Semantics I know.

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  2. Dreaming but dreams don’t need to have motion.


    First, I think a tour would be great. A great way to honor Neil and earn a few bucks as well.


    If they were to decide to tour in some form, what would the set list be? Keep in mind that it would probably be a shorter set than in the past. Besides, I think it would allow them to include songs from their solo albums which they never got to perform live on their own.


    (Mind you, I don’t know any of Victor)


    The Spirit of Radio


    Stick It Out

    Runaway Train

    “Victor Song 1”

    Afterimage / Ghost Rider

    Tom Sawyer


    “Victor Song 2”

    The Present Tense / Moving To Bohemia

    The Pass / Time Stand Still

    Closer To The Heart

    The Trees

    YYZ (video of Neil performing solo)

    Resist (acoustic) / Bravado (acoustic)

    The Garden

    Far Cry




    Headlong Flight


    - Overture

    - Temples of Syrinx

    - Grand Finale




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  3. Better than the “rank your favorite songs never played live” and “this song versus song” garbage that’s on here all the time.


    So it took a little research. Sue me

  4. Fall of 8th grade (1981?). Sitting at my friends table & eating a bowl of cereal (probably hung over - oh 8th grade - sigh) and Tom Sawyer came on MTV. It got my attention right away.


    Over the next few years, I found friends who shared the same enthusiasm and respect for the musicianship. Besides, I had a high voice and took pride in being able to imitate Ged. It was during this late 8th - 10th grade, bring apart of our band, that my education of the band exploded.

  5. Intermission. I better go check on my kids. Is periscope turning anyone else into a bad parent?


    I am only ignoring my laundry :) They will grow up too fast, hug them now. Losing it must have made me emotional :P


    This is probably the last time I'm using periscope. Everyone in the house went to bed hours ago. Even our boxer is asleep at my feet.

    Plenty of other n=bands you can catch via the Scope! Caught U2 the other night from MSG...

    I agree with ytserush! The Tampa show was not only my last Rush concert, but probably my last concert ever. Who the hell is worth going to see now after them?



  6. Sunset at 7:54PM, dark around 8:21PM. It should be dark by the 4th or 5th song.


    I don't know where you live but it doesn't get dark here until after 930 right now.


    It gets dark around 900 here during the summer.


    I know when I lived over close to Cincinnati it didn't get dark till almost 10 in July because we were close to the timeline. Since I've been in Pittsburgh it gets dark a little earlier but still it's after 930.


    Grew up in NJ But went to college in OH. I remember noticing one summer that it got darker much earlier in NJ.

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