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  1. I've seen Rush in the Gorge a couple of times. Weather there can be great or pretty awful usually due to windstorms. The T4E show was awesome. The best I could hope for. The weather was great, the boys were on their "A" game that day, and they played the 2112 Overture. The S&A show was during a wicked windstorm that played hell with the sound. I remember watching Alex continually looking up as the overhead P.A. system kept swinging back and forth over him. Saw a brawl with a deaf guy.

    I was at that show! :haz: Geddy's side toward the back. It is one of my greatest Rush memories. I remember the sky as the sun went down and they played Resist, back when they did it as a three piece. The lighting with the Columbia River in the background is an indelible memory.


    I lost my mind when they played 2112 and later too, just after I'd found it, for Natural Science :heart:


    What a night!

  2. For me, the lyrics don't need to evoke thoughts of passing or change. Today, his lyrics seem more ... crisp?. Just Rush lyrics before - now their observations from Neil.


    The one lyric sticking with me, and I have no idea why because I can't see how it relates to his passing:


    "Green and grey washes in the wispy white veil" - I don't know why The Camera Eye is really connecting with me over the past few days. I think it is his drumming (some of my favorite)


    And for some reason, Signals has never sounded so good. :huh:

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  3. I've been away from TRF for a few years but, like many others, I find myself drawn here seeking solace in the company of other TRF family members. I let my past grow too fast (as it were).


    The reality of his passing comes to me in waves and I hope and pray that his family can find some peace. The outpouring of respect for him has brought me to tears a few time as the world expresses what we have known all along.

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  4. Curse of the Sports Illustrated cover has struck the Jays


    No, the one man wrecking crew that is Rougned Odor struck the Blue Jays. :notworthy: He killed them on Thursday with three runs and was the game winning run yesterday. Spectacular defence too. Stroman gave up four runs and Texas has a great bullpen. Monday was Price keeping his streak intact ... unfortunately. He's in good company though with Geddy's friend Randy having lost seven straight, and he's HoF, so there's hope for Price.


    The Blue Jays were just outplayed. Their bats have been pretty quiet and the oddly shaped strike zone hasn't helped either team. Texas pitching and defence has been strong and the Blue Jays really hasn't been. Also, I didn't wear my jinxed hat yesterday for it is returned to it's rightful place on the bedpost, and I wore all of the proper talismans, but, obviously, I've placed something out of alignment or Donaldson's hit would have been about 10 feet further east. ;)


    It was good to see Geddy at Game 1 though. I hope we get to see him again this year.


    Curse of the Sports Illustrated cover has struck the Jays

    Curse of the "home-field advantage". Home teams are 0-5 so far...


    And KC is down 2-4 to the 'Stros right now.


    And KC rallies for the win to even the series! :ebert:


    Cardinals opening home win prevented the visitor sweep. Cardinals are just scary. :scared:


    Curse of the Sports Illustrated cover has struck the Jays


    See you guys in Arlington! :hi:

    :yes: Historically, a difficult park for the Blue Jays. A win on Sunday is not impossible though, and I'm looking forward to seeing some great baseball. Sunday night at 8pm Eastern Time :hi:


    Blue Jays fans: Don't Panic! Even if we lose this game and the series, we have a bright future. I don't think that anyone would have realistically predicted in April 2015 that the Blue Jays would be playing an ALDS game in 2015. We survived 1985 (it took four years, but we survived) and this isn't even close to that debacle.


    Go Blue Jays! :cheerleader: win on Sunday and keep the series alive!

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  5. "Fool in the Rain" - Bonham's shuffle out shuffles Bernard Purdie. My fav Bonham performance.




    I don't know how I missed this post, a few days ago. Out-shuffling Bernard Purdie? I don't know...it is a GREAT performance, to be sure. Excellent choice.


    But I think I'd still take Home at Last over Fool in the Rain. Especially during the outro/fade-out, when Purdie is swinging on the snare, the ride, the hi-hat and the kick drum, all together...it just blows me away, every time I hear it.


    My favourite Bonham performance, though, is Achilles Last Stand, no question.

    That was my thought too. I mean, it's a great shuffle, but out shuffling Bernie??? Let's not get carried away. Jeff Porcarro did a great one for Rosanna too (better than Bonzo's, imo), and he put a hand jive over it.


    But, Bernie's groove is sublime :notworthy:


    I agree about Achilles Last Stand, Blue J. Bonzo at his best. :ebert:


    I've started more than one heated argument with my claim that Jimmy Page never played an original riff in his life. But, he is a great Blues interpreter and one of the finest studio guitarists of his era and a true icon. A great player.


    Kind of a funny thread title ... there's an underrated side to Led Zeppelin??? :unsure:

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  6. Congrats to the Texas Rangers for FINALLY getting the win they needed to clinch the AL West.

    This was a crazy year. Just six weeks ago or so, our playoff chances were something in the range of .4%. Not 4 but .4.

    Yeah, congrats to the Rangers! That game on Saturday (Angels 11, Rangers 10) might have been one of the best games I've seen this year! :o Holy cow! I thought for sure the Angels were insisting on giving that one away.


    The Rangers are going to be tough - they're always tough, especially in Arlington for the Blue Jays - but the Blue Jays are tough at home, so it might work out. I saw a stat the other day that the #1 seed has only won the WS twice in the last 20 years ('11 Red Sox, '05 White Sox). :eh: Glad to be #2 then. :) Of course, there is a lot of baseball between now and then.


    I was good to see Tulo back this weekend and I wish that Buerhle had been able to get four more outs (hell, I wish he'd gotten all six outs without the 9 runs, granted most were unearned). It makes you realize just how special 15 seasons of 200+ innings thrown is - it is no small feat.


    Go Blue Jays! :cheerleader:



    Just out of curiosity, are you guys as superstitious as I am? I have a hat, that I'd swear is jinxed. I wore it yesterday. :smash:

  7. And the Angels lose to Oakland.

    I just posted in the Blue Jays thread how great it is to see the A's make the playoffs...unfortunately in other teams' uniforms, of course. I came across an article on the subject, from a few months ago , that I hadn't read...


    Yoenis Cespedes questions A's: 'Don't they want to win a championship?'


    Upon arriving at the O.co Coliseum on Monday morning, Detroit Tigers outfielder Yoenis Cespedes made a point of visiting the Oakland Athletics clubhouse to say hello to manager Bob Melvin and his former teammates. Whichever he could find. Only nine players currently on the Oakland roster were with the club last July 31, when Cespedes was shockingly sent to the Boston Red Sox in a swap involving ace left-hander Jon Lester. The A's, a first-place team trying to defend its back-to-back AL West titles at the time, went 22-33 the rest of the way and traded All-Stars Josh Donaldson, Jeff Samardzija, Derek Norris and Brandon Moss for young players in the offseason. That supported the contention of fellow Cuban Ariel Prieto, who served as Cespedes' interpreter and mentor during his 2½ seasons with the A's. "Prieto would tell me Oakland is a school where they develop the players, then they let them go,'' Cespedes said...


    Do the MLB's economic realities give Billy Bean any real choice in the matter?



    Yeah, I don't know why you guys traded Donaldson. :unsure: Thanks though! He's been wonderful! :)


    I suppose it depends upon the goal of the club. I think of Montreal and their extremely strong farm system but there was never really a drive to win playoffs from the fan base (playing baseball in a hockey town is tough) on the scale of U.S. teams. Everything fell apart for the Expos after the '94 strike though, and Montreal truly became the league's farm system before the league bought them and moved them to Washington.


    I think Joe Maddon demonstrated in Tampa that you don't need cash and a large market to become a powerhouse. So, I'd say no, I don't think economics are the primary driver, I think it is Beene's devotion to what ever his algorithm tells him the result is. Economics are certainly a variable in his equation, but, to my knowledge, Beene plays it all as a numbers game and builds and destroys teams based on his assessment of each players objectively quantifiable value (if that is even actually possible) I don't agree with his methods, but I'm not in baseball.



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  8. I have been cleaning vinyl lately. A Hard Days Night, I Want To Hold Your Hand, Eight Days a Week, Strawberry Fields Forever, Day Tripper (to name a few) sound great on 45s.


    There is something really special about hearing The Beatles' I Feel Fine on a 45 playing on an old record player. Both media and material really stand the test of time. Some of these 45s are 50 years old! 50! That used to be ancient! :o


    Now, not so much.



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  9. Yanks are done. Well played Toronto.

    This post scared me, but with an AL East title clinched, it is safe now. We're a superstitious lot.


    I know! :yay:


    October baseball?!?! In Toronto?!?! :eh: Qu'est-ce que c'est? :unsure:




    I had a tear in my eye. It has been a *very* long time since a meaningful baseball game has been played in Toronto after July (some years April).


    This is a strong team. KC makes me nervous. We have an October history with them and it ain't good. The scars of 1985 run deep.


    Go Blue Jays! :cheerleader:

  10. I saw them on the 13 tour in November 2013. Ozzy's vocals was awful, but Tony, Geezer and Tommy played like there was no tomorrow, so the show overall was awesome! I hope I'll be able to see them this time around!

    I caught the NY show in March of 2014 and Ozzy was awesome. On days, off days.


    Yeah, Ozzy has never been the most consistent when it comes to vocals live. I think fans should be used to his good day/bad day singing by now. That's been his usual for years. I think most fans are still shocked he makes it up on stage still and probably thought he wouldn't make it this far. I give him a pass anytime he has an off night. He's Ozzy Osbourne and has earned the right to have off nights.


    I don't know about "earning" that right, since he's being paid to perform. However, fans paying to see Ozzy today should realize you're paying for the experience of seeing Sabbath with Ozzy. If you expect to hear him at the peak of his ability live you'll have to listen to a bootleg from the 70s.



    Absolutely true, Rick. I would have love to have seen them on Masters of Reality, but alas I was eight years old and, not being Sabbath fans themselves, my parents weren't keen on sending their eight year old daughter to a Black Sabbath concert. :eh:


    I did see them in the 80's with Ian Gillan and it was a pretty underwhelming show, iirc. Muddy sound and the songs just didn't sound right with Gillan out front.


    I'd love to see them now, but I'm a bigger fan of the Butler/Ward rhythm section fan (one of my top in rock) and Bill can't play anymore (sadly ... treat yourselves well young ones :codger: ). For me, without both of them, there isn't much point going. I was surprised they sounded as great as they did on 13 (Ozzy can still sing! :o ), but, for me, no Butler/Ward equals no Black Sabbath.

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  11. :bump:


    I bought Drones the week it came out in June. I'd seen the video for Dead Inside, Psycho, Mercy and Reapers. It was in the truck CD player for a couple of months and got played occasionally. Not bad.


    Last week, I put it in again and it kicked my ass! Holy cow! Reapers was the song that caught me. Matt is an absolute monster. EVH, John Frusciante, Tom Morello ... you can hear them all in there Holy crap! :o


    I think end to end this may be the strongest album that Muse has done since The Resistance (my favourite). I didn't get it at first but the more I listen ... wow! I can't wait for the U.S. tour in 2016!




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