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  1. QUOTE It's funny how you picked up RTB first. Not having any other way to judge, I went by the cover art! I quite like Bravado, but at the moment Dreamline is my favourite. However I can already tell that as I listen more I will uncover layers of musicality and my favourite will keep changing. I also like the song Roll the Bones, but that rap ... what were they thinking!! I look forward to discovering more of Rush, and the fact that you're all saying that they have changed a lot over the years is something I'm particularly looking forward to. I love bands that evolve, and where every album has a distinct sound (which is why I've decided to shy away from compilations and live albums for the time being). Thanks everybody for the terrific welcome.
  2. Thanks everybody, that's great. There seems to be a lot of consensus over 2112, so I'll make that my next port of call. I'll have to restrict myself to one a month, so I don't overload. Need to give each new album the chance to permeate my psyche. I've added all your other suggestions to my Amazon wishlist too. Thanks again
  3. Friends who know I like Foreigner and Porcpuine Tree have long been telling me that I would like Rush. Browsing in a shop the other day, I stumbled across a copy of 'Roll the Bones', and I thought I'd give it a try. I'm glad I did! I'm loving it! Looking at the extensive discography is a little daunting, so I'm here to ask advice: where do you think I should start (or rather, continue) in my exploration of Rush's work?
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