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Found 1 result

  1. So I went to the Tulsa show and had a blast! By far my favorite show of all time, and I won't give spoilers :) However, it would've been much better if the guy behind me hadn't been a drunk a**hole. So, like a normal person at a ROCK concert along with everyone else in the first 4 rows of our section, we stood up even though we were stage side up in the bowl of the BOK center. It was a great view regardless of whether you were standing or sitting. For about 3/4 of the first set, I jammed out on my air instruments with my three other friends, and then I feel a tap on my shoulder from this guy behind us. He says "C'mon guys sit down, we have great seats." So we kindly oblige, but the people in front of us are still standing, and then we ask them to sit down, but they encourage us to stand back up. So with this in mind, we do that and everything goes back to normal. About 5 minutes later, my friend hears rustling behind him and a spillage. He turns around to see the guy spilled a beer "accidentally" all over his flag he had brought. We think to ourselves, alright benefit of the doubt, its a coincidence. At intermission, my friend leaves and goes to wash out his flag. I talk to the guy during intermission and attempt to explain my side of the story and why we're standing, but he wanted none of it. He was not even that intoxicated at this point, but he said "I asked you all "nicely" to sit down, but you didn't, so shit happens and your friend's seat got wet." I was getting pissed at this point, but remained my cool and tried to talk to the guy a little more to diffuse everything. Yet again he wanted none of it and was making derragatory comments about my size (in terms of weight and height) and wanted to "take this "argument" outside." As an aside: Look, I know I'm a pretty big dude, but get over it. Anyway, at this point, I just turn around and wish him well and start taking photos of the stage. As this happens, I can hear him bitching about us to this lady behind him, and now I'm just done. So, I run to an usher at the top of the arena and explain my story and she was very helpful and pleasant and agreed that this was getting out of hand. During the first song of the second set, she got security to come talk to the guy and he didn't do anything/say anything from there on out. I would've sat down/exchanged seats with the guy if he would've handled the situation differently and gave me and my friends respect or if more than 50% of our section was sitting, but unfortunately that didn't happen. So, TL;DR, what is your stance on standing at concerts? Was I in the right for standing and doing what I did?
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