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  1. A Long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...ok so it’s not THAT saga…but 11 years and the many miles, both figuratively and literally we all have travelled seems like galaxies and anyone who has been to Las Vegas knows it’s a million light years from the winter snow of Pennsylvania. Let’s back step a little to explain to anyone (and probably a lot at this point in time) that don’t know who we are…The band’s name is Phoenix Down(yes there have been tons of others through the years…actually a bass player I worked with for a short period of time on another project was in a band called Phoenix Down as well before we met…) I don’t claim that we were first but we chose this name in 1996 and used it non-stop till 2006…although we did receive a few letters from Kane Roberts(Alice Cooper’s former guitar player who had a release affiliated with the Phoenix Down name at some point) releasing 2 cd’s. The first one was totally self financed released in 2001…the second we were lucky enough to have worked a “developmental” type deal with Inside/Out Records we released this CD in 2004…during the time we were working on these cd’s we were extremely fortunate to get to tour with some amazing bands…King’s X, Godsmack, Symphony X, Collective Soul, Goo Goo Dolls, Zakk Wylde(Book of Shadows tour), Bang Tango, Pat Travers, we even played NEARfest four(4) separate times!! Unfortunately in 2006 due to some issues in the band(part of which was my need to sober up after being on the road non-stop) we needed to step away and take an indefinite hiatus. In 2009 as I had been working on a project(that would later become Silvercloud) We began working with Sam Taylor(Manager/Producer for King’s X, ZZ Top, and Galactic Cowboys) As this band began making touring in support of our Sam Taylor/Wilde Silas produced EP, Sam approached me about the possibility of revisiting Phoenix Down…I hadn’t spoken to the other guys in almost 4 years…but this was my baby I formed this band while I was still in college (2 days before my 21st birthday to be exact) and was willing to see what would happen if we did something with it…fast forward to May of 2012 after a 4 hour drive to meet up with Milo Phillips(Stewart Copeland’s engineer at his home studio) and Sam at a small studio in Burbank, CA it was time to meet up with the rest of Phoenix Down and see how it was going to go…nerve racking…YES…strange…HELL YEAH…Exciting…more than I could ever tell you…after a few awkward moments of not quite knowing what to say or how to act…we settled back into our old relationships and that spark and magic was back…playing through a few of our songs and a few covers it was like no time had passed…granted we sounded like a sloppy version of what we normally do…but it was on it’s way back…we spent two weeks working in Burbank writing new material and discussing the plans for the future… Fast forward to October of 2012 and we are in the studio here in Vegas doing pre-production and starting to buckle down on arrangements and even laying down tracks for the new CD, which will be called The Dawn of Oblivion(We plan on releasing this on or around May 21, 2013) and will continue The Cycle Of Strife Saga, we decided we were going to re-release the original The Cycle Of Strife CD remastered plus some bonus tracks. The remastered version of The Cycle of Strife we are planning to have available in all markets as of February 5, 2013. There will also be a special bonus version of this CD that will include an entire CD’s worth of Demo’s from the first 2 Phoenix Down CD’s as well as a whole CD of Cover songs(I am so excited to bring these covers to you with a bunch of Special Guests who I will announce as soon as I possibly can;-) Check us out on: Facebook: www.facebook.com/phoenixdown2112 Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/phoenix-down-1 There will be more added to this as time goes on…most are still very much a work in progress!! You can hear some samples here: The Cycle Of Strife: https://soundcloud.c....-strife-sample Nightfall: https://soundcloud.c...ightfall-sample Truth: https://soundcloud.c...-1/truth-sample Client: https://soundcloud.c...1/client-sample For You: https://soundcloud.c.../for-you-sample This Is Me: https://soundcloud.c...is-is-me-sample As we get closer to the official release we will stream a few of the songs...the first is the first section of The Cycle of Strife Thank you all for your time hope you enjoy what you hear!! Drop me a line!!! Talk soon!! Sorry about the sloppiness of the previous post!!
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