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Found 3 results

  1. For those not familiar, RatCon is a fan event held yearly much like RushCon. This is held in the good old US of A and has the greatest Rush fans and honestly the nicest people I have ever met in my life. Last year kRUSH played and we were received so well by these wonderful people and they asked us to be part of it again. Last year it was a private affair but this year, due to the tour, we will be playing at The Fish Head Cantina in Baltimore, MD and RatCon will be coming to see us! We're honored as hell. Just throwing it out to anyone from the area OR anyone traveling to see Rush in Bristow, VA. We are playing on May 29th, the day before Rush plays Bristow as a "tune up" for the real thing. It really is a great experience hanging out with these fans and celebrating Rush with great people. Hope to see some of you there! http://www.fishheadcantina.com/ http://krushtributeband.com
  2. So... is anyone going to RatCon this year? It's in two weeks in Marlboro, NJ. July 11th and 12th.
  3. kRUSH has been chosen to play RatCon 2014! What is RatCon? RatCon is a gathering of die hard Rush fans for a weekend of fun and celebration of the band Rush. This event will be held in Marlboro, NJ. Why a rat? Credit needs to be given where credit is due. The entire Rat theme was formulated by Mr. Oddtimessarcasm back in an April of 2008 thread right as Rush was settling down in Puerto Rico. He said as he saw it, that there were three underlying themes in the world of Rush right now. "We are fat on Rush right now and we aren't used to it. We are used to six year layoffs and tidbits of news every 15 months or so. Now we have been stuffing ourselves silly on new albums and Geddy, Alex or Neil on the cover of pretty much every music magazine you have and have not heard of. This is not our usual feeding pattern and we are confused little animals. Like the Rats we are, we just keep pulling the treat handle and hoping the pellets never stop coming. Some day the echo of pellets will no longer ring in our rodent brains and then what the hell are we going to talk about?" These are the coolest people in the world and have embraced our band, kRUSH. We are absolutely thrilled to be playing in front of the most rabid, die hard Rush fans you have ever seen. I can't wait!!
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