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Found 4 results

  1. For those not familiar, RatCon is a fan event held yearly much like RushCon. This is held in the good old US of A and has the greatest Rush fans and honestly the nicest people I have ever met in my life. Last year kRUSH played and we were received so well by these wonderful people and they asked us to be part of it again. Last year it was a private affair but this year, due to the tour, we will be playing at The Fish Head Cantina in Baltimore, MD and RatCon will be coming to see us! We're honored as hell. Just throwing it out to anyone from the area OR anyone traveling to see Rush in Bristow, VA. We are playing on May 29th, the day before Rush plays Bristow as a "tune up" for the real thing. It really is a great experience hanging out with these fans and celebrating Rush with great people. Hope to see some of you there! http://www.fishheadcantina.com/ http://krushtributeband.com
  2. If anyone is interested, we are playing in Baltimore next Friday, 9/19. We played there last month and we're really hoping for a big crowd. The Fish Head is a cool place but we're hoping to get into some bigger Baltimore rooms. The only way you get that? Fill the smaller rooms. Soooo.... shameless self promotion is required. We start at 8:00 at the Fish Head Cantina. 4802 Benson Avenue in Baltimore, MD. After us is Non-Fiction, a Black Crowes tribute. Not a huge fan of the Black Crowes but these guys do sound really good. If you're local to Baltimore and want something to do, come one over and make sure you say hi!
  3. My band kRUSH is playing a show this weekend at the Fish Head Cantina in Baltimore, MD. If you're in the area and not busy, please stop by and check us out. We are playing with an AC/DC tribute which could also be cool. It's a cool place, actually and we're working on drawing more so we can book some bigger rooms. Upward and onward. Thanks for your time.
  4. Hello all! My band kRUSH - A Tribute to RUSH is playing a show at the Fish Head Cantina in Baltimore, MD on Friday, May 9th. Playing right before us is a Led Zeppelin tribute bad called NOCODA. It should be a great event! Anyone in the Baltimore area interested in coming out or helping us spread the word? It is our first show in this great city and I would love to have a good turnout to start the "word of mouth" process. Thanks all!
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