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Found 2 results

  1. I just found Live at Agora Ballroom on iTunes. I was surprised to find this on iTunes, who don't have any album pre-Presto for individual purchase, you'd have to buy the complete Mercury years to get Rush-Hokd Your Fire as a full album (with exception of 2112, thanks to 2112.5). Anyway, has anyone else seen this? Is it worth the purchase of the whole album, or just Garden Road and Fancy Dancer? Track listing: Finding My Way Best I Can Need Some Love In The End Fancy Dancer In The Mood Bad Boy Here Again Working Man Drum Solo What You're Doing Garden Road Anthem Beneath, Between and Behind Fly By Night
  2. Rush Fifth Order of Angels Full Album Published on Nov 29, 2012 [aka ABC1974] Recorded August 26, 1974 at the Agora Ballroom in Cleveland Ohio during live broadcast on FM radio station WMMS. 1) Finding My Way 00:08 - 04:58 2) The Best I Can 05:14 - 08:06 3) Need Some Love 08:24 - 11:22 4) In the End 11:42 - 17:49 the best version!!! solo 15:13 - 15:56 5) Fancy Dancer 17:50 - 21:36 6) In the Mood 21:51 - 25:02 7) Bad Boy 25:08 - 30:35 A great version! Classic Rush style 1: "I just can't end the song" endless ending 8) Here Again 30:43 - 38:34 Here Again solo starts @ 35:22 Fantastic underrated song! Classic Rush style: "The song does not really get going until 4 minutes" 9) Working Man 38:54 - 50:10 [by-Tor & Snowdog in solo starts at 44:28 then Drum Solo 47:49 - 49:10 and "By-Tor esq" ending] 11) What You're Doing 50:45 - 55:04 12) Garden Road 55:11 - 58:07 Rush at their early 70's hard bluesy rock, high energy finest! So good! Neil joined Rush 7/29/74 (Geddy's 21st birthday) and his first gig with Rush was on 8/14/74. FACT. So this gig was exactly 4 weeks after joining and 12 days after his first gig with the band. It was also 1 day before Alex turned 21. Neil had a lot to prove here. Geddy and Alex were just getting to know him. Soon after seeing him read constantly on tour, they would ask him to write lyrics for the band and the rest, as they say, is history... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbiOJ2fiqNM&list=PLBE95839B7EC03E6B
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