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Found 25 results

  1. Synth era being Signals-Hold Your Fire: 1. Losing It 2. Between The Wheels 3. Subdivisions 4. Middletown Dreams 5. Turn The Page/Distant Early Warning
  2. Mr. Not thought that the ratings didn't deserve to be among the clutter of spam... so here they are. Starting it off with some reposts: King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson King (1969) 21st Century Schizoid Man: 14/15 I Talk To The Wind: 12/15 *Epitaph*: 14/15 <Moonchild>: 7/15 The Court Of The Crimson King: 13/15 Overall rating: D (Great/Very Good) Where it all began... I think this one is a tad overrated, and Moonchild is kind of dumb (the last 10 minutes at least), but it is an exemplary album either way. Standouts are the haunting Epitaph and the loud, manic 21st Century Schizoid Man. King Crimson - In The Wake Of Poseidon (1970) <Peace: A Beginning>: (7/15) *Pictures Of A City*: 14/15 Cadence and Cascade: 10/15 In The Wake Of Poseidon: 12/15 Peace: A Theme: 9/15 Cat Food: 12/15 The Devil's Triangle: 13/15 <Peace: An End>: (7/15) Overall rating: C (Very Good/Great) Some see this as a carbon copy of Court, but I think that, while this is effectively true of the first side, the second side has enough of its own identity to somewhat pull it out of the lofty shadow of its predecessor. The (rather pointless) Peace tracks, alas, bring this album down just a tad, to a high C rather than the low D that it manages otherwise.
  3. The Next Unread Topic button worked fine for me, up until recently, when I started to get this message: Sorry, we couldn't find that! [#10356] There are no newer topics in this forum. Need Help? Our help documentation Contact the community administrator 90% of the time that I used it in "Rush". However, when I check, there are still unread topics (I know about polls showing up as unread but most of them aren't polls)... is anyone else getting this issue?
  4. :7up: :cheerleader: Happy birthday, hilda! :cheerleader: :yay: The Eternal Flame must keep on burning... Come back!
  5. Happy anniversary fellow TOST-er :cheers: A half decade? And only 4500 posts? You need to pick up the pace my friend :P
  6. (Just asking that nobody post stuff here, I know I can't enforce that being a non-Admin but this thread is meant to store the rating digests and for best presenting them to people who don't want to root through all of the pages of the Rating thread. If you have complaints/questions/answers about this thread please discuss in the Rating thread) 01. King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson King: D (Great/Very Good) by len(songs) [link] 02. King Crimson - In The Wake Of Poseidon: C (Very Good/Great) by len(songs) [link] 03. The Mars Volta - Octahedron: 12/15 (Great) by Mr. Not [link] 04. Rush - Rush: 8 (Good/Mediocre) by len(songs) [link] 05. Isis - Oceanic: 13.5/15 (Near flawless/Great) by PolarizeMe [link] 06. Isis - Panopticon: 14/15 (Near flawless) by PolarizeMe [link] 07. Isis - In The Absence of Truth: 13.7/15 (Near flawless/Great) by PolarizeMe [link] 08. Isis - Wavering Radiant: 14/15 (Near flawless) by PolarizeMe [link] 09. Rush - A Farewell To Kings: D (Great/Very good) by len(songs) [link] 10. Rush - Hemispheres: F (All-time Great) by len(songs) [link]
  7. Couldn't find a thread like this in the last few pages, so have at it. Mine: Same weighted 15 point scale as before (again do NOT try and shoehorn this into a 10 point scale). ** denote best song, italics denote other standouts, <angle brackets> denote worst song, blue text denotes a "lowlight" track. Big Money: 10/15 Grand Designs: 12/15 Manhattan Project: 13/15 Marathon: 13/15 Territories: 11/15 *Middletown Dreams*: 13/15 <Emotion Detector>: 8/15 Mystic Rhythms: 10/15
  8. Despite an awful chorus and awful lyrics, I never find myself skipping Virtuality. There's just something inherently "entertaining" about the song that really endeared it to me. I understand perfectly why people slam it: it's definitely not very well-written from an "objective" standpoint. But I like it regardless :)
  9. Anthem - 10 Best I Can - 6 Beneath Between and Behind - 8 By-Tor - 9 Fly By Night - 8 Making Memories - 4 Rivendell - 2 In The End - 7
  10. No song has caused as much endless debate as The Speed Of Love. With its "poor mans Bravado" riff, stereotypical Counterparts lyrics and unfortunate placement towards the middle of the album, it has polarized board members for months at a time. So, now I feel that we need a thread for bashing it. What do you find the most revolting (or enchanting) about TSOL? I'll start: While all the lyrics pretty much suck, the worst one has got to be "At the speed of love, a radiance that travels". I mean, not only is the phrasing awkward, but it's not really saying anything while still managing to sound bad. Cringe-worthy even within the song. And don't even get me started about the "meaning".
  11. The Big Money - 8 Grand Designs - 9 Manhattan Project - 10 Marathon - 10 Territories - 9 Middletown Dreams - 10 Emotion Detector - 5 Mystic Rhythms - 7
  12. One Little Victory - 8 Ceiling Unlimited - 10 Ghost Rider - 9 Peaceable Kingdom - 9 The Stars Look Down - 8 How It Is - 7 Vapor Trail - 9 Secret Touch - 8 Earthshine - 10 Sweet Miracle - 7 Nocturne - 10 Freeze - 9 Out Of The Cradle - 3
  13. Animate - 10 Stick It Out - 6 Cut To The Chase - 7 Nobody's Hero - 5 Between Sun & Moon - 8 Alien Shore - 7 The Speed Of Love - 1 Double Agent - 8 LTTA - 9 Cold Fire - 2 Everyday Glory - 1
  14. Force Ten - 8 Time Stand Still - 9 Open Secrets - 10 Second Nature - 9 Prime Mover - 10 Lock & Key - 10 Mission - 10 Turn The Page - 10 Tai'Shan - 1 High Water - 2
  15. Bastille Day - 10 I Think I'm Going Bald - 4 (I like the closing solo...) Lakeside Park - 5 The Necromancer - 9 Fountain Of Lamneth - 9 2112 - 9 APTB - 8 TTZ - 4 Lessons - 9 Tears - 6 SFN - 10
  16. OK, this has probably been done before. But let's do it again - which albums impress you the most as far as drums/guitar/bass/vocals/keys go? For me probably: Drums - Moving Pictures Bass - Hemispheres Guitar - Hemispheres Vocals - 2112 Keys - Power Windows
  17. len(songs)

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    Finding My Way - 8 Need Some Love - 2 Take A Friend - 7 Here Again - 9 What You're Doing - 7 In The Mood - 1 Before and After - 9 Working Man - 8
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