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  1. If you consider the Time Machine Tour as the Clockwork Angels tour warm-up, then their setlist history shows that they don't change the setlist all that much between the two, hence 5 MP they already know to offset the CA songs they have to learn, idk about Caravan and BU2B being dropped though, but maybe they feel that we have heard it enough...unlike Witch Hunt doh.gif
  2. Rush, mostly, has been about the sheer talent, power, and complexity of the music. The Garden is all about emotion and was made towards the end of their careers. It feels like a good bye. The slower songs may not be the ones you jam to all the time, but within the context of album and where they are placed, they all fit very well. If every song was Headlong Flight, the album would get weary, plus the lyrics implicate slower songs. Halo Effect is about the main character getting dumped by a chick, you wouldn't want Carvan like sounds to describe that. The Garden is about the character "moving on" and tending to his metaphorical garden. It HAS to be emotional and the way they executed the song is beyond exceptional for its meaning. Basically, if you want complete metal, then you are not a concept album person. Unless the concept is built around the movie Project X or something.
  3. THIS ALBUM ROCKS!!! 8/10

    1 point off because I felt like some tracks could have been shorter

    1 point off because some (very few) moments of lull were too long

    (and I kind of wish there was more connecting noises between songs but I am guessing they will be on the real album)


    ...so maybe an 8.5 because both are related... but either way this is easily one of their better albums


    1. Caravan - Awesome new mix, love that new phaser on the bass


    2. BU2B - is still METAL and I think the new intro will really be great live


    3. Clockwork Angels- Flat out Amazing, didn't need to grow on me, keeps you guessing with the different tempos, drumming, and sounds


    4. The Anarchist- Another great Rush song, skeptical as it started, but it really is great as it has several signature Rush moments


    5. Carnies- The riff is amazing and several drum parts were very good, doesn't really develop into a classic though, yet METAL in the sense BU2B is just with more melodic sounds between that riff


    6. Halo Effect- I really like it, felt like the correct length, a great change of pace placed perfectly in the album, Alex's acoustic work is great and Geddy really carries the melody well


    7. Seven Cities of Gold- Great opening and gets really good towards the back end of the song, this is one song I think that could have been trimmed in the middle, but overall it rocks, especially the up and down scale guitar, very catchy riff


    8. The Wreckers- Most people really like this song, I think it's good and has a great chorus, but it is way too mellow to be a radio single, if I wasn't a fan, I wouldn't be pumped to listen to this album because of the song, more like, "Well that was nice" Good song with good moments, not the best on this album


    9. Headlong Flight- Song is Amazing Still and will be so good live


    10. BU2B2- it serves it's purpose and is interesting, would never stand on its own as a song, but in the context of the album it fits perfectly


    11. Wish Them Well- I expected something long and repetitive, the beginning kind of is, but it is catchy and has been stuck in my head, but the end of this song is GREAT, the breakdown and melody change makes the song


    12. The Garden - Beautiful. They hit the nail on the head, wish Alex's solo was 2:00 minutes long, and the fade out at the end could have been slightly shorter, but another they must play live


    Overall, I wouldn't be upset to hear the entire thing live. I can't wait to pay for my Itunes download on the 12th and then go buy a real copy or two. Somebody said it earlier and I am just going to echo it....


    "Guys in their 60's should not be making this kind of music"

    Basically....its incredible and I hope Geddy can actually sing it live

  4. Since these clips are from Walmart, we know they are censored, can't wait for the Amazon samples where Geddy drops a couple F-Bombs on the BU2B2 and Halo Effect intros
  5. Same here, going to Atlanta and getting close for the first time, my dad and I saved up money after the last go around and could actually afford good seats, i went pre-sale and got row 8, because VIP was just a little more than what we could afford, but I hope VIP works out for everyone in the ATL and yall get first 5 rows
  6. I found this on youtube:


    (MOD EDIT: Link deleted - possible virus source. And if it IS a link to the actual album, that's not allowed here.)


    As tempting as it is, I don't have the cajones to do it. I am guessing it is fake. But hey, if anyone else wants to try and tell me what happens, go right ahead.


    It could be real but just Caravan and BU2B...who knows?


    BTW, I am downloading the album on Itunes and buying a hard copy. I don't pirate music smile.gif Its all on youtube anyway, no reason to pirate anymore, I am just an interested Rush fan that wants to hear the new album as much as everyone else.

  7. My grading system: A songs get 5 points, B songs get 3, C songs get 1



    1. One Little Victory A

    2. Ceiling Unlimited C

    3. "Ghost Rider" A

    4. "Peaceable Kingdom" C

    5. "The Stars Look Down" B

    6. "How It Is" B

    7. "Vapor Trail" A

    8. "Secret Touch" B

    9. "Earthshine" B

    10. "Sweet Miracle" C

    11. "Nocturne" C

    12. "Freeze (Part IV of 'Fear')" B

    13. "Out Of The Cradle" B



    1. "Far Cry" A

    2. "Armor and Sword" A

    3. "Workin' Them Angels" A

    4. "The Larger Bowl (A Pantoum)" A

    5. "Spindrift" C

    6. "The Main Monkey Business" B

    7. "The Way the Wind Blows" B

    8. "Hope" B

    9. "Faithless" C

    10. "Bravest Face" C

    11. "Good News First" C

    12. "Malignant Narcissism" A

    13. "We Hold On" C


    VT: 37 points S&A: 39 points


    I'd like to see how others rate songs with this system

  8. Who cares if these people have heard it or not, as long as they all say its going to be awesome, i can live happy, I like every Rush album because they are all different, some stuff is better than others, but in the end, its better than the "call me maybe" song, notice I don't even know the title #crap


    ...but if anyone has an extra copy of CA laying around........this broke college kid would like a preview biggrin.gif

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