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  1. I question the accuracy of this list. FBN has never been a show opener (that I've ever heard of). Rush is not known for switching up their setlists much throughout a tour, and the one bootleg from that tour has a markedly different setlist:

    Bastille Day


    Lakeside Park

    The Necromancer

    By-Tor And the Snow Dog

    Working Man/Drum Solo

    In The Mood

    Maybe they did switch it up entirely one night, but I doubt it. Also, the set listed there is kinda long for an opening band, no?


    Setlist taken from http://www.cygnus-x1.net/links/rush/setlists.php

  2. Alex's speech would've been more effective and funny if it was about a third of its length. Lol


    Agreed. It was too much of a good thing.


    Alex really SNLed it. For those unfamilar with the problem with SNL these days, it's that they take a legitimately funny idea, and kill it by making the skit 10 minutes too long. Short and sweet drives the point home, and Alex's speech would have been much better at 1/3 the length, IMO.

  3. Hey, man...if that's what you're into, keep hoping for it. Personally, I don't imagine it would be that 3D of an experience; there's no depth to a concert - or at least no relative motion that would change the perspective significantly...at least that I'd imagine. I don't picture it being a very subversive 3d experience, but maybe I'm wrong. I guess we'll see if it ever happens.
  4. QUOTE (Sticklight @ Sep 21 2012, 11:26 AM)
    On "The struggle of the ancients first began", you can clearly notice that Geddy hits the original high notes. He has struggled a bit, but he did that way better than he did on the Hemispheres tour.

    Really? I disagree. Compare these 2:

    at 3:00

    at 2:52

    In the '94 video, he tries to hit the original notes, but doesn't quite make it. In the '78 video, he doesn't seem to try as hard for the original notes, but doesn't sound anywhere near as strained. To my ear, the former sounds better, but that's just my opinion.

  5. QUOTE (Thunder Bay Rush @ Sep 21 2012, 06:47 AM)
    This footage is from MSG in New York.

    Just to correct you a little bit: nope; it's from the Palace at Auburn Hills, in MI. While I don't always believe that Youtube descriptions are accurate, this one is: "Rush playing at The Palace Of Auburn Hills in Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA, on March 22, 1994, as part of the Counterparts tour."

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