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  1. Periscoping an Old Arena :

    I'm a little concerned that the Forum, does not have an internal cell site system. Newer arenas and stadiums are built with internal sites or a DAS systems.

    Most have been modified, but the Forum lost the Lakers and Kings back in 1999 to Staples.

    The Forum almost certainly does not have a newer system in place, not enough human traffic into the building over the course of a year.

    Staples gets 41 Laker games and 42 Kings games, plus playoffs, concerts, circuses...etc...It has a DAS in place.

    I would not be surprised if video is hard to stream to an external cell tower. Let's hope there are towers right next to the arena.


    Apparently the arena has some pretty good WiFi.

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  2. Sentimental choice - Ben Mink

    He did a fine job on the song


    Fan choice - J.D.

    He was just better live.



    If I were a betting man I'd stay away from this one... too many variables.

    I would prefer J.D. but I would have to think the heartstrings of the band will pull them towards Ben.

  3. I bet a show like Tulsa barely saw any profit for them.


    The band hasn't been reliant on ticket sales for decades.

    They get a guarantee from the promoter.


    I believe Madison Square Garden was a sellout too. And several other venues. Numbers are not just up yet.


    If you think about it, how many bands/artists (besides country shit) can sell out venues like that year-in-year out... everywhere around the US?


    Of course U2, AC/DC, DMB, Springsteen, Stones, Van Halen, Fleetwood Mac and the other old farts... but besides them? Not so many. New bands and teen idols come and go... only these old guys are guaranteed draws.


    2010 Rush ranked nicely among the top grossing acts (per gig)



    That's where we come in! They have one of the most loyal fan bass around and they know it!


    I got yer loyal fan bass RIGHT HERE!



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