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  1. [Hope I'm putting this in the right place, folks...]


    In 'The Trees', I just can't figure out what/how Alex plays in the 'bridge' before the guitar solo - it sounds like an arpeggiated passage but I can't pick out all the notes accurately!

    Can anybody help me with this before I lose [what's left of] my mind?


    ;) G

    You've probably got it by now. It's easier than it sounds.

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  2. Just my 2 cents. If you want to get some new sounds look into getting a used Line 6 pod HD500 or 500x. Then you can just use the amp you have and get all the sounds you want and also have the ability to plug into the computer directly. I use the pod HD with an FBV floor board and I find it very versatile.


    Oddly enough, about a month ago the thought of "what will it be like when someone from Rush dies" just randomly popped into my head. I remember just kind of sluffing it off but thinking "that will be a terrible day". I had no idea it would happen so soon.



    Same but, just this last week. Not sure what day now.

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  4. Look what I scored on Ebay!



    Yup! That's the way models looked back in the '50s and '60s! Now they're a frickin' MAJOR PROJECT, with metal and resin and precision masking stuff included! I used to build PYRO kits that gave you chrome parts and normal color parts as a choice... hunter, what model of Ferrari is this? I got a copy of an old AMT kit which was shown on an earlier post, from E-Bay pf a '55 Chevy with a Bubble top that I'd made and destroyed years ago...almost the whole decal sheet made it a sweet find!



    main body painted and hood , and chassis, but that will mostly change. This was a model I bought in the late '60s. '68 '69 st a GAMBLES store uptown.


    Nice. That is the 166 Barchetta. The Red Barchetta. :)

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