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  1. I have to back Tick up on this. Worst concert traffic I have ever been in, worst highway exit design I have seen in years. I ended up parking in a random lot about a mile away and took my chances. There were many other fans doing the same thing so we walked in packs. Traffic can not stop us from getting to the show before curtain drop! 5th row Lerxst's side made it alllll worth it. Great show, prob in my top 4. Leaving was a whole other story...
  2. QUOTE (different strings @ Mar 2 2009, 05:40 AM)
    QUOTE (OBaterista! @ Mar 2 2009, 03:56 PM)
    i plan on getting moving pictures and permanent waves signed next tour.  Ive only got the cd booklet for fly by night signed, and a cymbal that neil signed.

    smile.gif Sweet but how did you manage to get Neil to sign one of your cymbals?

    i broke into his house and demanded he sign it or else I was gonna steal his motorcycle and sealed bottle of the macallan. It was pretty easy.













    But really I sent it in to the venue beforehand and they sent it back!

  3. i had a hell of a time once with jose. It definatley makes your clothes dissapear. I couldnt even smell the stuff for a few years, but I have tried it once in a while in the past few months. The silver patron was really good. I could probably drink that.
  4. i hated guinness at first, but then drank one after drinking lite beer for a while. It was like a milk shake! Since then i love it. Murphys stout is also very good. Theres only one pub around here that has murphys on tap, and im going there for st. paddys day!
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