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  1. No - I live 15 000km away! I like the song and notice it finally got performed live on the tour. I like when artists try new tunes, not just the same songs all the time
  2. I LOVE that album - I remember it like yesterday, even though it came out 40 years ago!
  3. Played the total 36 tracks (almost 160 minutes) on random, a few times through - magnificent listening experience!
  4. Seven Cities Of Gold How It Is
  5. Seven Cities Of Gold Roll The Bones
  6. Hadn't listened to the restored/expanded 17 track (as originally intended prior to release in 1983) version of this in a couple of years. A cup of tea and a journey..!
  7. La Villa Strangiato By Tor And The Snow Dog
  8. Jacob's Ladder Armor And Sword
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