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  1. I give the set list an "A" for originality. I give set 1 an "A+" going back to the 80's and playing songs we haven't heard in a long time. They play them so much better now, case in point: Between the Wheels from R30 and S&A tours. That song is great, but it was a monster played live now. These 80's tunes are great tunes, and now they play them so much heavier without the tinty 80's sound.


    Set 2 gets a "C" because I'm not a fan of CA, except for Anarchist and Headlong. I can't believe they are playing almost the entire album. This is an album where we should hear 4-5 songs at most, a la Vapor Trails.


    <ducks incoming projectiles from Clockwork enthusiasts>

  2. I was privileged to have attended the last 3 Marillion shows of their 2012 North American tour. June 27-29. Two nights in LA (West Hollywood) at the House of Blues, and one night at the Filmore in SF. It was the absolute best concert experience of my life, and all in all a fabulous time. Marillion can play all their music, I mean PLAY it with minimal computer sequencing and triggers. The guitar player Steve Rothery is the second coming of David Gilmore. He plays his solos "note for note" to almost utter perfection. They sound better today than ever, and their 18th album will be out in Sept. called "Sounds that cannot be made". They record most of their shows and sell them for download for reasonable prices at their website. I'll be getting at least the 3 shows I was at, plus maybe others as they vary the set list from night to night. The two LA shows were completely different set lists except for two songs (Easter and Neverland). The SF show was a mix of the two LA shows, and they played for almost 3 hours with no break. They play their long epic pieces. I heard Ocean Cloud, This Strange Engine, Neverland, Invisible Man, and Happiness is the Road, all 10 min + epics.


    It's been almost a week and I still have not come down from the high of those three shows. To top it off, I was able to briefly meet and talk with 4 of the 5 band members. The keyboardist, Mark Kelley, is my life long hero and bald brother. Meeting him I almost lost it. I was freaking out at a high level. Steve R. and Pete T. were hanging in the bar and very fan friendly. I met Mark and Steve H. when I snuck down the hall and found the band's hangout upstairs at HOB. Following are a few photos. I took them with my old blackberry. They are not the best, but the personal shots came out okay. The pic of me and H is just precious to me, and the photo of Me, Mark, and Georgio is also a real treat! (if you don't know Georgio, he is the guy with the wild hair on the History Channel show Ancient Aliens, and apparently he is good friends with Mark). Enjoy


    Photos link to Drop Box (I hope this works):




  3. I've been away from TRF for awhile, it took Marillion to bring me back! I went to 3 shows in 3 nights (LA, LA, SF). It was possibly the best 3 days of my life. They are the absolute best! I was able to briefly meet the band on Wed June 27. I'll post some pics when I have time.
  4. I totally hear you and understand what you're saying. But let's face it, without the fair weathered fans buying tickets, Rush would only be playing to a few thousand people a night, and probably wouldn't be able to afford such an elaborate tour playing for 3 hours a night without an opening act. The fair weathered fan is the majority. Us die hards are in the minority, and we owe some thanks to the causal rock fan who continues to buy tickets to these shows and allows the boys to keep touring.


    But it is a mystery how folks can spend $100+ for a ticket and spend half the evening in the beer garden. You could just stay home and do that a lot cheaper. cool.gif


  5. You can find the face value on tickets at ticketbastard, or whatever the official site is offering tickets. Then add about 20% for bull shit fees, etc...


    As for me, I'm waiting until day-of-show this time around and taking my chances. I saw them twice from 3rd row last tour, so whatever I get this time around is fine.



  6. The set list has been posted at rush.com


    The odds of it changing now are pretty slim


    If they rotate out songs, I'm guessing it won't start until the 2nd leg (if at all). That would be Aug 5 in Salt Lake City.


    If they do, I'm hoping it will be "stick it out".. (just "take it out" of the set list). Then we can all make jokes about how that song did not "stick it out"..







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