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  1. McFadden's 'strength' is his speed, so IF he can hit the holes that our line is capable of making maybe he will be an/the answer, once he is in the open field he is gone... unless he trips on a line marker :-)


    However, what made Murray such a good back was his patients, his ability to give that extra half step to the line so the blocks could develop.


    so two different runners, two different styles, hopefully the team as a whole will adapt...


    i just read that Chris Johnson (formerly of Tennessee and most recently with the Jets) told TMZ sports that he wants to be a Cowboy. Ugggggg, we don't need another washed up has been.

  2. IF Gregory does not self destruct he could very well be the steal of the draft. SOME, back in January, had him as the possible #1 overall pick...


    anyway we will see, but if he can work out and if Hardy can get his suspension lessened and D Law having half a year to start... by the time mid year comes around we might have a pass rush that looks like what the Giants had a few years ago when they made their two runs.


    watching gimpy Aaron Rodgers have all the time in the world against us last year left an impression on Jerry and the team...


    OVERALL i am just OK with the draft... i really feel we are WELL short of having the running game that we will need to have the success that we had last year.

    i hope i am wrong and one of the backs we have will step up and be able to be an every down back, with the others taking spot duty... but i really don't think we have THAT guy.

  3. the people with

    pork belly contracts (tickets) are thinking,


    "Hey, we're losing all our money

    and Christmas is coming.


    "I won't be able to buy my

    son the GI Joe with the Kung Fu grip.


    "And my wife won't make love to me

    cos I ain't got no money."


    They're panicking, screaming, "Sell, sell."

    They don't want to lose all their money.


    They are panicking right now. I can feel it.

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  4. I think they have done a great job over the ''A Night With' tours in putting together set lists that are both new and fun for them to play, which keeps it seemingly fun and fresh for them onstage, ergo fun for us fans AND oldies that we really want to hear.


    Overall, i would think that we as fans, are really only in agreement over a few songs that we REALLY want to hear, the rest is going to be pure personal opinion. I.e. someone really wants to hear Virtuality or Dog Years - I don't but i am sure someone does...


    I can't imagine that ALL of us want to hear at least a few of the following:

    Fly by Night

    Cygnus - if not all a good portion of it

    Hemmis - if not all a good portion of it

    Jacob's Ladder


    Finding My Way

    Best I Can

    What Your Doing






    In the last 10 years or so we have seen:

    Camera Eye



    By Tor

    Working Man


    this does not mean we don't want to hear these but we have to be pretty happy that they have played them fairly recently.


    there was a time, before the VT tour, that i would have been OK with not hearing Tom Sawyer IF they would have used that 5 minutes to give me something from my list of wants above.

    now, however, i would probably walk away from a show where they did play something else and NOT TS and be a little disappointed...


    i am sure some oldies that we have not heard in a while will surprise us that Friday night in Tulsa, and i am sure there will be a song or two i would be indifferent about either because they have played it on last tours or i just don't like it.


    however, i am SURE i will walk away like i always do in awe of what they did play and the show that they gave us

  5. I don't believe for second that this is the only leg of this tour.

    I mentioned to a few RUSH friends of mine that basically this is not our first rodeo with this... and we usually end up seeing a second leg / more dates.


    AFTER these R40 dates they will say something like,

    'we've spent the last few 4 or 5 months preparing and touring, and we are not getting any younger. We are going to take the rest of the year off and enjoy the holidays and see what next year brings.'

    Then around the holidays we will start to hear rumors that they are going to ANNOUNCE something in early 2016. The rumors will consist of more N. American dates and probably a short stint in Europe (or vice versa).


    Then mid winter of 2016 they will make an announcement:

    'on the success and enjoyment of touring for R40 we have decided to extend it into 2016.'

    I bet they add 15 (or so) more dates in N. America (probably hitting cities like Cleveland, that have been good to them over the years) and 15 or so major European cities (probably the 'standard' cities one would think of).


    They will do the N. American and European dates, finishing in the fall of 2016.

    On that they will say, 'we have spent the last year touring (even though it was a couple of 4 month stints in a 14 to 16 month span) we are now going to enjoy the holidays with our families, take a year off, and see what the future holds for us and the band.'


    At that point i would think, outside of some sort of special projects - movie soundtracks or maybe a single or two... THAT will be the end of RUSH as we know them.


    I don't think they will every say 'FINAL TOUR' it's not their style, but I don't think this 30+ date leg is really the end.

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  6. Everything i have read, or have not read, basically says there is NOTHING going on with Dez, and that's the problem.


    Speculation is that he will play this year under the tag and that management is waiting to see what kind of contracts other top receivers get. (julio Jones, etc...)


    Dez also just fired his 'advisor' which some are saying does not bode well for Dallas keeping him long term, but I can't imagine there is anything to that.


    The Cowboys seem to be playing it smart these days, but I can't imagine they would let Dez slip away, after just letting Demarco walk.


    in the end Jerry still wants to sell tickets so you need some stars to do that.


    also, can't you franchise a player two years in a row?


    i am not too worried about this right now.

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  7. Syrinx,

    thanks for the welcome, and 100% on about Murray's blocking... i meant to call that out with my 'give it to Murray...' rant but forgot as i went along.


    I think they CAN be ok IF they take a top back, and i would be 100% on board with Jay Ajayi, at least from what i have read about him.




    this article here mentions AD's 'dream' scenario as being a Cowboy, I just wonder what that 'dream' is worth to him.


    I will take AD but only for a reasonable price, and as much of a long shot that price is, in both trade and salary, this is NOT out of the question.

  8. Hey, I'll jump in on this thread...


    Been a Cowboy fan longer (since i knew what a football was) than i have been a RUSH fan (since i was about 14).


    Grew up suburbs of Dallas (Garland, Richardson) and now live in NY Giant country, the South West corner of Connecticut.


    Having read some of this thread, it is 38 pages long so I have not gone through it all, but I will just throw out where I stand with our 'Boys.


    IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM do i think we should have broken the bank (or even matched what Philly gave) to keep Demarco, however i think we could have tried a little harder.

    I can't imagine for real Jerry is going to be happy when McFadden, Dunbar, Randall, Williams or some rookie are taking handoffs and getting half a yard behind the rest of this offense (meaning the line, WRs, QB, TEs), and ALL the pressure goes right back on Romo's 36 year old shoulders and back...


    Murray was SOOOOOOO much more than 1,800 yards rushing and 300 or so receiving to this team.


    Murray was an EVERYDOWN EVERYSITUATION back, that is what made him even more dangerous, short yardage give to Murray, long yardage give to Murray, first down give to Murray, goal line give to Murray, screen pass to Murray.. Any time, any down, any situation....


    With that said I HAVE to believe that there really is something to all the AD talk.

    I will also say I was NEVER in favor of AD over Murray, however now that Murray is gone I am in favor of AD as long as the cost of acquiring him is not too high.


    NO WAY would I spend a first round pick to get him, I would be ok with two mid round picks... like a 3 this year and a 3 next year.

    NO WAY would I want him at even 50% of his current salary, money wise I would be ok with them offering something maybe a little higher than they were going to offer Murray... maybe 3 years, $25M, with $14M guaranteed.


    However, I truly believe if we go into the season with our current stable of RBs we are in BIG trouble.

    IF we are able to add one of the top 3 RB prospects I would feel a little better, but would not think his impact would be what we need until next year, after he has a year under his belt.


    The problem is we will be lucky to have Romo for 3 more years, so barring catastrophic injuries to key areas we are really a top RB and a few defensive pieces away from being REAL contenders.


    Defensively we can feel good about getting Hardy, the return of Mclean and Lee, and some depth of LBs from free agency... pick up a tackle and a DB in the draft and we could be really, really solid.


    The addition of AD and a defensive heavy draft would probably put us, on paper, as favorites not just for this year but for the next three or so years and I just think that is the way Jerry is thinking right now.

    I bet nothing will happen until draft day, but while sitting in that room with everyone Jerry is going to stand up and say, ‘I don’t have enough time left to develop another QB and RB, our time is now!!!’ and I bet he pulls the trigger on a trade for AD, regardless of what everyone else in the room want.


    I just hope he does not spend too much for him, destroying us for the years when AD is gone or not productive.

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  9. Radio City Music Hall in NYC or the PNC Arts Center lawn.


    As i am reading through this thread, i am thinking the same thing.

    Radio City HANDS DOWN! - i mean it's Radio City Music Hall


    PNC - good sound for an outdoor venue, easy in and out, lax tailgate 'rules', overall just a really, really good place to see a show. Never sat on the lawn but PNC is a really good place

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