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  1. HILDAAAA!!! (to the sound of fred flintstone's wilma)
  2. I tell a lie - i DO drink beer!
  3. Babycat

    WTF ?

    What Time Friday?
  4. Thanx, Rushchick10! Ohhh, Ged(!) Doesn't he just make you wanna... Y'know..!? sorry, gone overboard again - >uncontrollable dribbling< Ahem... I can't help it!
  5. Rushchick10, can you tell me where to find that deliriously, sexy, truly scrumptious, heart-stopping in-color pic of gorgeous god Ged? & that black & white one too if poss. Sorry, can't help it - got a severe drooling session going on since I saw those pics(!) Thanx.
  6. GhostGirl, help, I can't work out how to add your banner to my photobucket account. I know how to find & post pics from photobucket (I needed instructions for that) but I don't know how to copy & paste said banner onto photobucket - can you give me instructions please? Thanx.
  7. Sorry, Thing2jordan, wrong box! Could hardly concentrate for lusting after the seriously fit-to-burst gorgeous specimen known as Ged! God, that seriously Ohhhh(!)
  8. I've always been somewhat partial to this pic: http://i272.photobucket.com/albums/jj175/ss_collector/Misc/geddy00.jpg
  9. Babycat

    New here

    Wey-hey! I did it again! I am now posting pics! Thanx to all who helped me out - love you all!
  10. Babycat

    New here

    This is still a test: http://i879.photobucket.com/albums/ab352/Babycat4/untitled-5.png
  11. Babycat

    New here

    F*** me - I did it(!)
  12. Babycat

    New here

    I'm going to swear if this pic doesn't come up! http://i879.photobucket.com/albums/ab352/Babycat4/untitled-5.png
  13. Babycat

    New here

    Will this picture come up? http://i879.photobucket.com/albums/ab352/Babycat4/geddy.png If not, i don't know where I'm going wrong.
  14. Babycat

    New here

    I'm going to post my picture just below this sentence: http://i879.photobucket.com/albums/ab352/babycat4/untitled-5.png
  15. Babycat

    New here

    You obviously love lerxst a lot! I think the world of Alex too, it's just he doesn't reduce me to a quivering wreck in quite the same way he does to you. How long have you had a thing for lerxst?
  16. The Oaks, sort of having problems, though Foxxi did post me a message about paying images onto photobucket, then when I go to post in TRF, click on bottom tag of pic (IMG code?) then copy & paste in post. Does this mean I've got to go into photobucket FIRST, then while there, find the pics, & THEN, while still in photobucket, submit the pics into the TRF? Thanx also for the multiple emails(!)
  17. Babycat

    New here

    Thanx Foxxi, will try that. Keep seeing scrumptious pics of you-know-who & can't stop drooling(!)
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