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Peter Garrett Solo Album


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This just came in the mail from Australia the other day and it's GREAT. I'm very happy he quit politics and went back to what he did best.


He's released 3 singles so far and I think this one's worth a post here:



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The whole album is really good. The only one I'd even say is (back on the) borderline filler for me is "Kangaroo Trail".

7 or 8 out of 9 songs on an album that are good-great, that sounds like a winner to me!


Goose: Think of it like Breathe only way better.

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I just listened to the song and it's okay. It's not quite my cup o' tea (it's not quite like Midnight Oil) but there is potential there. And Garrett's voice sounds great.
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An Oils reunion...?!?




Yeah, they've gone on record saying they're going to be playing shows again in 2017 and even overseas!


I've also heard in an interview with Rob not far back that they probably wouldn't want to tour without supporting new music so hey we might get a new Oils album too :D

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