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Most underrated Alex moment (No solos)


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Pick any part of that song.

I love what he's doing during Geddy's little jazzy bass run.


He's even silently awesome in that part.

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Knights In Satan's Service


oooh boy


Hey, whatever happened to the Donnas? They showed much, erm....promise. ;)


Ask and thy internet shall answer




Seriously, I saw them like 3 weeks after 9/11 in NYC at Irving Plaza, and they were inspired, to say the least .. There were American flags all over and I can't even describe how electric the vibe was ... Every time Allison went into a lead, the place went nuts .. There were literally people crying in the crowd ..


Not to distract too much from the original topic, but The Donnas - simple as they are - were a lot more inspiring at a time like that than the rich old billionaire Paul McCartney flying in from another country to tell us all to "Let It Be"


Fu@k him


This was better


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Other than solo's I would say my favorite parts are when he strums and picks or does both simultainiously in most every :rush: song ;p All seriousness aside my admiration is for Alex's style that is always on the cutting edge of making his guitar make sounds and feelings a plain ole guitar was never meant to do. Rock on :Alex: :D Edited by Crimsonmistymemory
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