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Star Trek: Voyager is actually an interesting show. and Jeri Ryan isn't even in the cast yet....my daughter stopped watching this show because of her addition to the cast. Big BOOBS offend my daughter. That is sad in my eyes...Jeri fits in and the PRODUCERS LOVED her big boobs. Brought in the 13 to 99 yrs hetero male segment BIG time! lol

My daughter started avoiding all shows that featured female 'cliches' of any type....her loss, I guess...


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They took my time, energy and some opportunities from me.


While I could have been better drawing, painting or creating beadwork; for my Art, myself and sell... I was busy "doing other stuff". :/


Or talking to people who has less than me to do. :huh:

Who were wasting their time and staling mine. :banghead:

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:blink: Sometimes troubles restart.


All you can do when they do, is confront them and do your best.


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