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Create new Rush album titles from existing ones


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Clockwork Night...seems passable


Permanent Signals...forced 80s pop album title


Test for Power...sounds like the name of a one hit wonder


Hold Your Steel :LOL:


Snakes & Angels...and some of you guys thought there was too much emphasis on religious lyrical content before


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Caress of Bones (hummm..maybe not)




:LMAO: ... that one just grazed the funny bone just right...
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Hold and Caress Your Kings Bones by Night



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Fly By Windows - sounds like a ill-fated invention

Grace For Pressure - sounds like a Steven Wilson rip-off title just because you're replacing the "Drowning" from Grace For Drowning

Caress Under Your Counterparts - uh...actually no :LOL:

Permanent Moving Signals - very original :eyeroll:

Clockwork Kings - of all my bad album titles, this one actually sounds okay IMO :LOL:

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Fire Under Pressure


Grace Of Steel


Power Pictures


Farewell Angels


Clockwork Kings


Steel Parts

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Angels Fly By


Rush To The Pictures


An Echo Under Fire


Rush By Steel 2112 Farewells to Hemispheres Permanently Moving Signals Under Windows Holding Presto Bone Counterpart Echo Trails and Arrow Angels



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