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Jonathan Dinklage on playing "Losing It" on the R40 Tour

Perchance to Dream

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Title says it all...





Nice, thanks for posting. Enjoyed the other videos there as well, excellent stuff.

Can't wait to hear it in all its glory when the BD is released. Of course it will be Ben Mink playing it. Doesn't matter.


It's a Rush rarity!



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Ben's playing on the recording is amazing. Phrasing. Ideas. Sound ( he had help with). And so forth. Special song for sure. Jonathon was great live. But the phrasing of the solo was a tad different. Different folks different strokes. I like Ben's version best. Their solos are so different even tho they are playing the same notes. Timing. Love it. Musicians are fun to listen to.


I'm off to see the wizard. Not saying which wizard tho.

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