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Los Angeles, CA Periscope Thread - August 1, 2015


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I wonder if there will be as many people on this thread tonight as we had for Tulsa.

I think not but I am not sure why. Could be wrong of course... :codger:


There won't be, because we know the setlist now. The surprise factor isn't there, which matters for a lot of people I would think

Plus it's the dead of summer and a Saturday night. You would think the folks have stuff to do... :huh:


Only speaking for myself, but I had this date marked on the calendar to keep free since I discovered periscoping Rush concerts. Opening night I guess it was.


No effin way I'm missing this one. Got home in plenty of time for it to soak it all in.

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Toymaker, thought you were out tonight?


Made it back in time. I think there will be loads of people to grab and post links.


Have a great time, Tom! And thanks in advance for whatever you're able to provide - but first and foremost, have a good time.

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