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I always thought The Garden would depress the hell out of me if it was their last song of a farewell show. I love the song, but that could be a really depressing end fists%20crying.gif


But when you listen to The Garden, you need a full sting ensemble for that...not entirely sure that a sound track of that would work nicely...unless they just hire the ensemble back for the last show...doesn't seem overly practical...a single violin (as a one off deal) doesn't seem like that much of an issue...


I still don't get the big deal with this song... I mean... What is so special with it? Rush have maked lots of other songs that is MUCH better that they should play live instead!


It's never been played before, and thematically it suits the winding down of a career so well. Maybe it's just something that makes sense if you're older, like the band. :huh:



Yeah...but the more I think about it...it's a "last show" kind of thing...I'd be willing to bet LA is where they play it...(and I have a feeling that it's going to be a second encore kind of thing)


While I have no idea what will happen, I would find it odd they are rehearsing it at soundcheck now only to play it then.



They haven't played it since 1980...and it's not easy like Lakeside Park and What You're Doing.... just my 2¢ on that....

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it seams that they are sound checking this at most the venues. I wonder if this will be their exit song on the last date. with this being the last big tour. you know making the song about them.
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So the question is: When would they play Losing it ?


Logically and sticking to the format it should be played before Subdivisions, or it is slated to swap-in for Subdivisions.


But it would be a shame to have a triggered chime when ".....The Bell tolls for thee....." is sung when after that song or two there is going to be real chimes on the stage.


Unless they roll them out early .....

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