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Official Fourth Night Setlist SPOILER Thread: St. Louis, MO - May 14th

Cygnus 2112

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I can't imagine why all these good looking women hang out with these ugly men. :LOL:


$$$ + :rush: !


Except the tickets were bought by her. :)

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I just got this weird feeling....what are we all going to do when this tour is over??????



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Except it's not a nine string bass. It's a 4 string bass with a 6 string guitar so geddy can play rhythm guitar. Therefore 28 strings.


http://www.edroman.c...ges/ricdbl3.jpg picture of the guitar.


it's 4 + 12

No it is not.


1978 Rickenbacker Model 4080/12 (FireGlo)


Look at this photo, Geddy has never played a 12 string rick on stage.








GEDDY PLAYS A SIX STRING, I'm tried of people pretending it's a 12 string for some unknown reason

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Interesting. Every review online I've read, that I could find, said only glowing things about the performances...especially Geddy's voice. And many of the reviews were by people not familiar with the band.
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Last time Rush played some of these songs in St Louis: April 13 1975





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