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Caption a Random Image V: The Comical Frontier

Ghost of a Rider

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Okay, this will be the fifth generation of the Caption a Random Image game. Everything, including the rules, will pretty much stay the same (only the names have been changed to protect the guilty). Like before, I will post the scores after each round when possible and, as before, a link to this page that contains the rules and a link to the pic archive will be included with each score posting. In the interest of fresh starts, I will start a new pic archive and a new scoreboard.


So, with that said, the rules are displayed below.


1. - 24 hour time frame for each round.


2. - If there is only one entry after 24 hours, that entry wins by default. In the interest of keeping the game moving, refrain from extending the deadline to allow for more entries - sometimes a pic just doesn't inspire.


3. - If no captions are entered after 24 hours, the winner gets to put up another pic and judge accordingly.


4. - No more than 7 entries per person per round.


5. - No captioning of your own pic. You may rob a player of an idea with which he might have otherwise won.


6. - No lewd, suggestive, or obscene pics or pics with nudity that would violate overall board standards. If you're not sure whether a pic is appropriate or not, PM it to me and I'll make that determination. And keep the wording and tone of your caption at least at a PG-13 level.


7. - No complaints about losing or posting negative criticism of others' captions in the game thread. If you wish to complain on another thread or via PM with someone that is your prerogative. But let it be known that it will not be tolerated in the game thread itself. This will be enforced by the three strikes rule:


1st offense - Sit out the next round.

2nd offense - Sit out the next two rounds.

3rd offense - You will be asked to leave the game.


8. - Finally, when you've chosen a winning caption, PM the winner to notify him/her.


A few things to keep in mind:


* First, compliance with the above rules is strictly voluntary (except #6) as I am not a forum moderator, only the game scorekeeper. So I ask in the interest of keeping the game fun, flowing and with relatively little complication and confusion to comply as much as possible.


* If you are unable due to personal responsibilities, time constraints or other reasons to post a pic and/or judge a round, let me know and I will post and/or judge for you.


* Occasionally I don't post the scores after a particular round as sometimes the round is well under way before I can get to it and don't wish to post them while the game is ongoing. But don't be concerned about your score being updated, I will update my personal records after each round. So even if I don't post the scores after a given round, when I do post them, the scoreboard will reflect your latest win.


* It's important to remember that captions are not judged by a panel but by one individual who may have a singular comedic taste. The object of the game is to make him/her laugh, not necessarily everyone else.


* To maintain continuity and the fun spirit of the game, don't post questions, comments, complaints, concerns or suggestions in the thread. Rather, direct them to me or the person you wish to address via PM.


* We ask that you simply enter your caption rather than quoting the previous post or reposting the pic in an effort to reduce the number of thread pages and to ease the strain on server resources.


Having said all that, here’s the first pic of the new game. Have at it folks!



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What is this world coming to? Reds and Whites sleeping together....??!!!! My GOD.....
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Before moving to Guyana, Jim Jones ran the Flamingo Club in Caracas....
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I have to give this one to LIX for:


"Half price shrimp night was a big hit, really knocked them dead."


A good start for the new game. Take it LIX!


Lost In Xanadu--------------------------------1------------------------------------------3/6/15


Game Rules


Pic Archive

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Coming to NBC next Fall, Jamie Foxx stars in Abdul the Dentist.

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Oh, you wanted CURE for splitting headache!! A thousand pardons.....
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