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Ticketmaster Ticket looks strange


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You could also stop by a venue box office at some point and confirm.


Well the venue is about 120 miles away from where I live - wouldn't be that easy to swing by :)


Same exact thing happened with my tickets to MSG. Eventually the name of the band and venue appeared on the ticket, a couple weeks after purchasing. Keep checking you tickets in your ticketmaster account, the glitch will probably be corrected before the show, and if the barcode is verified, they should be good either way. But part of what we are paying for is to see RUSH on the ticket?


Thanks for this advice. I just checked back and now the ticket shows up with all the information on it. Printing that out now :) I feel so much better!

So they are printing tickets where magically stuff appears at a later date??

WOW- So this is the future of tickets?

I weep for the future

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Well, if it's like most web sites, these things are controlled by a database. Probably seating info and a link to the event info are stored under my account. The event info hadn't been populated yet in whatever database it is stored in, but now it has. It was just a bit unnerving to spend so much on a ticket and have it come out 90% blank like that.


At least it's working now :)

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