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The Age of Zelix has arrived


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Zelix would be ashamed of this thread.


Who are you to speak on his behalf? :no:

His personal spokesman. :D Jealous?

Why do you deny Zelda's choice to come out? Why do you hate the transgendered?

All in due time.

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Perhaps Zelix has returned under another user name recently?


Unless you can find me another user obsessed with Asian women, this I doubt.


Now why would he give himself away by doing that? Zelix would want us to use our brains without him providing a major clue as to his identity. He might be on the lookout for proteges to enlist in his school of wizdom and coming here under another user name waiting for one TRF resident bright light to out his true identity is his plan.


Be on the lookout for him on your only drunk thread. He might start there. :)

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This is quite an amazing phenomenon. Zelix pops in, creates a thread, makes two or three posts, then quietly departs to allow the Myth of Zelix to grow over 8 pages of posts. It is how legends are born.


Congratulations, Zelix, wherever you are . . . if you ever really did exist in the first place.


And may the Wisdom of Zelix grant all of you the Peace of Zelix.

Have a Zelix day, everyone.

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Your Solid Gold Awesomeness, I see you are very wise. You will fit right in. We all have high I.Q.'s here.

But many are jerks. Its up to you to figure out who is who....

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