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kRUSH to play in Baltimore on Friday, September 19th


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If anyone is interested, we are playing in Baltimore next Friday, 9/19. We played there last month and we're really hoping for a big crowd. The Fish Head is a cool place but we're hoping to get into some bigger Baltimore rooms. The only way you get that? Fill the smaller rooms.


Soooo.... shameless self promotion is required.


We start at 8:00 at the Fish Head Cantina. 4802 Benson Avenue in Baltimore, MD.


After us is Non-Fiction, a Black Crowes tribute. Not a huge fan of the Black Crowes but these guys do sound really good.


If you're local to Baltimore and want something to do, come one over and make sure you say hi!

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Have they re-booked you to play Stonehenge yet? ;)


There is a deal in the works. Just the final bickering about the beer concessions. We drink a lot and that always gets sticky during negotiations. :D

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