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Favorite Geddy Lee Bass Songs


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Simple. Pick your favorite Geddy Lee Bass songs from each album and all together. (I'll be back later to make my post)


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RUSH: Here Again

FBN: Anthem

COS: Bastille Day

2112: 2112 Overture

AFTK: Cinderella Man

Hemi: Circumstances

PeW: Natural Science


Signals: Digital Man

GuP: Red Lenses

PoW: Grand Designs

HYF: Turn The Page

Presto: Show Don't Tell

RTB: Roll The Bones


T4E: Driven

VT: Secret Touch

S&A: MalNar

CA: Headlong Flight

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Rush: Working Man

FBN: Anthem

CoS: The Fountain Lamneth

2112: 2112

AFTK: Xanadu

Hemi: Hemispheres

PeW: Natural Science

MP: Red Barchetta

Signals: The Analog Kid

GUP: The Body Electric

PoW: Emotion Detector

HYF: Lock and Key

Presto: Show Don't Tell

RTB: Face Up

CP: Animate

T4E: Test for Echo

VT: Peacable Kingdom


CA: Clockwork Angels

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The bass solo in Show don't Tell is amazing! Boggles my mind why they didn't have it louder in the mix!
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These threads are pointless.


in comparison to all the purposeful threads here?


Well obviously! I would think that would be obvious. :LOL:

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Rush: Working Man

Fly By Night: Fly By Night

Caress Of Steel: The Fountain Of Lamneth (part two, quieter part)

2112: 2112

A Farewell To Kings: Cygnus X-1

Hemispheres: Cygnus X-1 Book 2: Hemispheres

Permanent Waves: Freewill

Moving Pictures: YYZ

Signals: gah, almost too tough...The Analog Kid

Grace Under Pressure: Distant Early Warning

Power Windows: Marathon

Hold Your Fire: Force Ten

Presto: Show Don't Tell

Roll The Bones: Where's My Thing?

Counterparts: Leave That Thing Alone (shout out to Alien Shore, so glad I found a redeeming quality to make me not worry about the lyrics)

...(heven't listened from T4E through S&A yet)

Clockwork Angels: Seven Cities Of Gold

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