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Mike Portnoy gets mad when he sees fan in Mangini-era Dream Theater t-shirt, takes to twitter and facebook


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He's a sissy. I remember seeing Transatlantic in 2000. It was one of those rare shows where they came out for a second encore and played an epic version of Shine On You Crazy Diamond. We were at the aftershow party and talked to Neil Morse and MP and after a while my friend made a joke and suggested that MP should leave Dream Theater and make Transatlantic his main band. The f***in' bastard went mad and wanted to start a fist fight. So there was a short tussle before two security guys wrenched him out of the room. He went totally nuts and he screamed at us that we both are f***in' assholes. LOL. We never saw him again that night. Neil Morse obviously understood the joke and apologised for the behaviour of his friend...


That was my second encounter with the man and the first one was even more hilarious... to be continued!

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Now I put a Steel Panther Guitar World lesson in here before just to change up the mood of the thread, while I happened to be watching it.


But this one actually has a RUSH bit at the end so this one goes in by default:


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