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GWAR's Oderus Urungus found dead


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What did he die of, wasn't he only about 50?


So far, according to police statements, no drugs were found at the scene and it doesn't look like a suicide (no note). Guess he was found sitting upright in a chair at home.

Natural causes at 50? That's......crazy. I'm really eager to find out what happened.


I've been surprisingly upset about it. Not 6 months ago hubby saw GWAR and raved about the show. He said next time they come around, he would take me. This sucks.

RIP Dave.

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A roomate saw them back in the early 90s and still raves about the show...


This guy gave some very entertaining interviews...




omg. Have you seen him reading Goodnight Moon?! I had tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard.

After seeing that, I made it a habit of digging up any and all interviews of his I could find. The man was HILARIOUS.



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Been bummed about this all day. I've been a fan for close to 20 years and seen 'em a dozen or more times....met the band numerous times and I remember one particular time in 2002 when my friend and I were hanging outside by the bus, and here comes Dave bumming a smoke off me. The guy stood in the rain and shot the shit with us for like 20 mins and took pics with us, and was just cool guy to talk to. There is no way Gwar can continue without him....not only for his unique vocals, but his lyrics and sense of humor were crucial to Gwar. Still can't believe it.. RIP
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One of my favorite bands and my most favorite frontman. My first experience with GWAR was listenting to the "Live from Mount Fuji" album. Boy that was an eye-opener. I've been fan ever since. I know him and Flattus Maximus are out there battling The World Maggot...or plotting the coming apoclypse. :madra:
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