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what's for breakfast??


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Went to GRANITE CITY food and brewery in Minneapolis this morning for the best brunch buffet EVER. :haz: :haz:


You can get just about ANYTHING...... eggs benedict, French toast and omelettes made to your liking, scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns,salmon croquettes, biscuits and gravy, all kinds of veggies and fruits, build your own waffles (lots of wonderful toppings).......


It was GREAT. Fairly pricey, but it was worth it!! :drool: :drool:





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Fresh, hot waffles. Vanilla and sugar added to the batter.


Aunt Jemima LITE syrup.......so I don't feel weighted down. ;)

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Fresh OJ, soda bread, toast & jam, eggs, sausage, back bacon and coffee. All courtesy of Eileen, our hosteen at Knockrue House B&B in Donard.


All fueled up for a day of touring County Wicklow!

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