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Best of the 5 last albums?



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  1. 1. Best of the last 5 albums?

    • Counterparts
    • Test for echo
    • Vapor trails/ Vapor trails remix
    • Snakes & arrows
    • Clockwork angels

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Right, I'm certain I am happy with this now:


1) Clockwork Angels- 9.5/10- Mixing let's it down, but the songs are all stellar and the energy is infectious. This could have followed Hemispheres as a test run for the bands next era, and I don't think anyone could argue.


2) Snakes And Arrows- 7.5/10- Really enjoying this, similar feel to T4E, only the songs feel more complete.


3) Test For Echo- 7/10- Has its flaws, this album has a lot to recommend it!


4) Counterparts- 6/10- Really very good, but this is not the sound that attracted me to Rush, but I am glad it exists.


5) Vapor Trails- 3/10- it hasn't clicked with me. It has its fans, I am not one of them! The only Rush release I could call "ugly".

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