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HELP! 2 RRHOF Induction Tickets for Sale for Cheap!

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Hey guys I can really use your help with this! We have two tickets in the Mezzanine level of the Nokia Theatre in L.A. for sale. We were just able to get tickets much closer and we are willing to let the Mezzanine tickets, which we paid over $350.00 for, for cheap! We just want to reclaim a bit of our money back as well as help another Rush fan that might not be able to afford the $230.00 plus that it takes for a pair of tickets. Please message me if you are interested!


The tickets are in the Mezzanine Left Section "F" #503 & 504.



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Not surprised... I still wish I could go to that ceremony (I'd be the guy yelling from the balcony, "In your face, in your face!") So, Gangst', ol' buddy, if you happen to have two more tickets hangin' around down there in California, and you "just don't know" what to do with them, you can send them up here to Canadia, addressed simply to "TBR." "Our Candian mailman" knows me.
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