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procol harum a most moving piece of music


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Procol harum a fantastic band that has influenced rush in parts. Sweeping majestic prog classical rock, created by the great gary brooker and keith reid (lyrics) A rare writing dynamic that rush also have; music and words written seperately. If your into majestic sweeping prog rock check them out, geoff whitehorn(current line up) is also great guitarist ta boot! Just missed out on the rock n roll hall of fame this year - ged gave them a nod of respect.







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A brilliant, sorely underrated band. Wonderful music.


You know i just don't get why this band is not recognised and liked loads more. Most do not know of them, or if they do its through a whiter shade of pale. Procol have done some incredible music and compositions, fusing the styles of music they do effortlessly - classical together with rock is no mean feat. Brooker is a great composer and arranger of orchestras. For me they rival Pink floyd; a band who could be held comparable to Procol, in genre.

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