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Caption a Random Image IV: this time it's personal

Ghost of a Rider

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Did did did you see the frightened ones?

Did did did you hear the falling bombs?

Did did did you ever wonder

Why we had to run for shelter

When the promise of a strange new castle

Unfurled beneath a clear blue sky?

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Here we see the new Princess Cruise liner. Watch out! They're about to demonstrate how the toilets still work during a complete electrical failure. Edited by BeOhBe Bob
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This King is REALLY full of hot air


Gotta go with the brilliance and simplicity of this caption. Short caption packs a punch!


Take it away, Bob!!

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One very long belch later, she instantly qualified for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.....the cover, no less.
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Joseph...for the millionth time, I don't have a pouch. I'm your FATHER.....so stop trying to climb into my ass!! Edited by Principled Man
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Thanks Tex! Next up...





Ghost of a Rider------------------------------13------------------------------------------3/18/13

USB Connector-------------------------------10------------------------------------------3/4/13

Lost In Xanadu--------------------------------10------------------------------------------3/9/13



Principled Man--------------------------------7-------------------------------------------3/14/13






Tombstone Mountain------------------------1-------------------------------------------1/16/13



Game Rules:




Pic Archive:



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