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In less than 24 hours that almost never ending frenzy of a rock show will begin to shred back the layers of my brain and stimulate it beyond ones wildest beliefs..

Do you know what I mean? Go f'in cra~z

yes...I have been ready for this show since early summer...new album is best since Signals...will love it all....and to all the doubters or haters, stay home

2.gif 70's/80's/90's/.........and on 1022.gif





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QUOTE (crazygeo @ Oct 11 2012, 09:28 PM)
wearing 2112 2.gif shirt...

ready to rock

You guys will be blown away!! Happened twice and I'm not complaining one bit!!!!


1022.gif 1022.gif 2.gif 2.gif 2.gif 2.gif 1022.gif 1022.gif



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