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OCT 10TH....... first show after break


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Will the set lists stay the same going from list #1 to #2 set lists


Plus they are Ending with set list #1 on Sept 30th (10 day break)


Will they start Oct. 10th show with set list #2, where they left off..

or will they start with #1 again? Since they are starting over again....????


What do you think?


Maybe change a song or two?

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They're ending with Set B... They played Set A last night in Saskatoon, so the first part will end with Set B... I have a strange feeling that they will rotate the rotation, but who knows what they'll do... Maybe they used this first part to test the certain songs, and now they're going to keep the ones that work the best live and get rid of the other ones. In a perfect world, they would combine them all into one big set and add an extra hour to the show... That's not happening...
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I hope they change it up a little....

If not, no big deal....


It's 2.gif just glad that they will be there after all these years..


First show was Moving Pictures tour.......just keep going for me.....


Living in the Limelight!

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