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Anyone got a floor seat for Pittsburgh?

randal scott

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QUOTE (Snaked @ Sep 10 2012, 10:30 AM)
I'm thinking about making the 4.5 hour drive to Pittsburgh myself.. just don't know if I can pull it off with all my requirements this week sad.gif

Pittsburgh is only an hour and a half for me, but the boss lady says NO to me going. I guess since I am seeing them Saturday in Chicago she has a case... not a good one, but a case. And oh by the way, Saturday is the wife's birthday... taking her to Chicago, but she won't be going to the show...just me and one of my sons. It's kind of her birthday present to me, but on her birthday!



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All the first 15 rows are VIP nation seats that are no longer on sale, as far as i know those rows are sold out.


There is a chance that someone may cancel and a seat will open up(highly unlikely but still possible) I'd call the venue in the morning and afternoon and if your close and hour before, then hightail it over if it's available. As for price it can be reduced but, not all places do that, so be prepared to pay the 200 -400 $ on the fly.


Who knows if you get lucky we may bump into each other tomorrow or maybe the stars aren't aligned, we'll find out then.


As for the person who has to drive, I'm doing the same thing 4 15 min drive, with RUSH it's always worth it, i actually gave up a acting role that i was offered cause someone got sick at my theater, (i mean i knew the guy and it was just a cold and I've seen him pull through before, and i already was assistant directing and sound designer so i needed a break) to go to the Hershey show in 2011. It was one of the best decisions i ever made.

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