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Official Opening Nite Setlist Blowout


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QUOTE (av450 @ Sep 7 2012, 10:30 PM)
QUOTE (OGr8imL84AD8inF8sBlackSedan @ Sep 7 2012, 09:25 PM)
working man is next...bet ya anything.


No...Somebody mentioned setlist.fm...I just remembered and went to it and there was the set list...of course I remembered during YYZ...but they had the list...there is nothing listed after Working Man.

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Not bitching. Rush could play Happy Birthday and I would watch, but we all have our favorites and also we have the ones that we could do w/o. I am taking my kids and would love them to see some of the signature so gs mixed in to the new stuff. One or two many from one genre in my opinion that's all
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Set 1



Big Money

Force 10

Grand Design

Body Electric


Analog Kid


Where's My Thing?

Neil Solo/ Where My Thing? (Reprise)

Far Cry




Set 2



Clockwork Angels

The Anarchist


The Wreckers

Headlong Flight

Neil Solo (part 2) Headlong Flight (Reprise)

Alex's Electric Solo/ Halo Effect

Wish Them Well

The Garden

Manhattan Project

Neil's Solo (part 3) Electric

Red Sector A


Working Man


2.gif 1022.gif 2.gif

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QUOTE (Alchemical @ Sep 7 2012, 10:33 PM)
Eww Working Man. I was sure they would drop it...guess not.

Looks like Losing It and Jacob's Ladder didn't make the cut after all unless a miracle happens. sad.gif

Is there even time for 2112, TS, TSoR?

Do they HAVE to play 2112? I don't think they do.


Jacob's Ladder

Spirit Of Radio

Tom Sawyer


Why not, right?

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QUOTE (TheAnalogDad @ Sep 7 2012, 09:30 PM)
Wow, there sure is a lot of bitching from a select few about the set. That's what your DVDs at home -- and the CDs you brought in the car to the show with you -- are for. Sheeesh. Three guys pushing 60 killing it on stage and you guys are whining. Happy much? beathorse.gif

I don't think we're bitching. It's just for a band that has albums spanning 5 decades, I'm just curious as to why the heavy concentration of 80's songs in this set list. I'm not hating, but would like a couple more from the 90's and a couple more from the 70's...that's all....

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Working... what? Man?


That's an old one right, from that old decade...


The 1980's sort of became a slippery slope.


no 2112, Xanadu, Trees, Closer to the Heart, Freewill...


Hmmm... I'm sure I'll have a great time, but... Hmmmm.

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