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08 - Best Song From Moving Pictures


What do you think is the best song from this album?  

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  1. 1. What do you think is the best song from this album?

    • Tom Sawyer
    • Red Barchetta
    • YYZ
    • Limelight
    • The Camera Eye
    • Witch Hunt
    • Vital Signs

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YYZ or Tom Sawyer, but I had to choose 1 so YYZ because I am a drummer and YYZ is definately more fun


Any drummers contact me.

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QUOTE (happysmiles007 @ Apr 29 2005, 11:30 AM)
The Camera Eye..it paints a picture of a clean-cut, black & white world..it takes me away to that special place, & if i stay too long, i'd prolly break down & cry wink.gif

but it really is one of Rush's best songs ever IMO, & i could listen to it for days on end & not get tired of it. smile.gif 2.gif

Ya me too. I like The Camera Eye because I love long songs. They take a while to listen to where as the short ones end too fast to fully enjoy them.

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i guess i have to pick tom sawyer, even though it's the obvious choice. the moog blast opening STILL gets me 24 years after the fact, and it's just a ridiculously strong song with incredible musicianship. Really though, I can't fault anyone for picking any song of side 1 (for those too young to remember what side 1 even is or was, it was tom sawyer, red barchetta, yyz & limelight) which are all phenomenal songs. i would go as far to say that if side two were equal to side one, it would be one of my top 3 albums ever by any group and would probably be considered so by rock critics. this is not to put down side 2 which is also great, but it's hard to touch how phenomenal the side 1 tracks are. while i really enjoy the camera eye, i think it's a little weaker than some of their other previous epic tracks like xanada, hemispheres, 2112, la villa strangiato, etc. anyway, a fantastic album, and one that cemented their place in the rock world forever...
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Guest Xourque

Witch Hunt rules. The lyrics remind me of right-wing nut jobs. Just look!


The night is black,

Without a moon.

The air is thick and still.


The vigilantes gather on

The lonely torchlit hill.


Features distorted in the flickering light,

The faces are twisted and grotesque.

Silent and stern in the sweltering night,

The mob moves like demons possesed.

Quiet in conscience, calm in their right,

Confident their ways are best.


The righteous rise

With burning eyes

Of hatred and ill-will.


Madmen fed on fear and lies

To beat and burn and kill.


They say there are strangers who threaten us,

In our immigrants and infidels.

They say there is strangeness, too dangerous

In our theatres and bookstore shelves,

That those who know what's best for us

Must rise and save us from ourselves.


Quick to judge,

Quick to anger,

Slow to understand


Ignorance and prejudice

And fear

Walk hand in hand.

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vital signs for me, not sure why with all the other great songs. its just good as its something a little different
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Slag all you want: "Tom Sawyer". Next...


AM Rush



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ohmy.gif This a tough one because I think all of the tracks solid, if I can wittle it down it is so close between Camera Eye & YYZ...........YYz it is then, no disrespect to the other tracks! wink.gif
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quiet honestly... I was trying to avoid answering this...


but I can't decide... Tom Sawyer and Limelight are my faves... I love the way Tom sounds and Limelight's outro is a killer!!


so I can't decide.... but as I always say.. when in doubt... go with Fly by Night tongue.gif

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