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Complete Liner Notes and Lyrics Now Online


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QUOTE (HeadlongMark @ Jun 5 2012, 04:53 PM)
Awesome, John! Thank you so much!

Seeing the lyrics with the synopsis really brings it home regarding the concept, harking back to 2112.

Awesome, thanks!


The little story bits preceding each set of lyrics is exactly like 2112, that's cool!


I'll save these until tonight when I can listen to the songs and follow along.






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So.... The pedlars are those nasty little Salesmen.... Pedaling their wares to the blind men in the Market.....


Who's the Watchmaker?


The boss of Goldman Sachs ?


The ones who got us into all this trouble...??


Ok it's just a theory..



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QUOTE (Unobtrusive Companion @ Jun 5 2012, 05:54 PM)
Cool, thanks for that. Still none the wiser as to what The Pedlars are though unsure.gif confused13.gif



google images.. seems like a merchant looking dude.

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